【Sequel| Communication】There Are So Many Customers In The Customs Data, Where To Start The Developme

What is the most important thing to do to develop customers? It's communication. And how to communicate, find and look for the points for communication is a puzzle for foreign trade friends. Starting from the analysis of the customer's website and combining with the customs data, we can understand whether the customer's products and categories match our own company, and what the customer's company pays attention to. On the one hand, we want to collect the information of the customer's company, and on the other hand, we want to find the communication points. Social platform Understand the purchasing region distribution of the customer company, cooperate with the supplier where the enterprise, brand based, and in combination with their own focus on the development of the market to select the target customers. After the target customers are identified, the social media platform can be used to deeply explore the social relations, such as adding the customer's Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social platform accounts. While collecting the company's contact information, we should understand the customer's network and dig deep information, such as the nature of the customer's company, the industry's historical background, the upstream and downstream supply chain, the purchase demand and so on. It not only develops the target customers, but also expands the customer market and the surrounding supply chain, and develops more markets and customers while improving the conversion rate. Industry News In addition to collecting attention to customer needs, it is recommended to understand and grasp industry dynamics. For example: the price of raw materials in the market lower, from the price reduction to the fluctuation of domestic market material prices, there is an expectation, the time will generally have a lag period, almost 7 to 10 days. If we can see the dynamics of this industry, keen to seize this point, according to the trend of raw material prices, we can talk with long-term follow-up customers with the latest product prices, compared with the current price, we preempt priority. Understand and master industry dynamics, as long as faster than peers, we can create some opportunities. Sending in groups+ Sending in detail respectively Design customer's communication development letter content, in the development work, is a relatively time-consuming thing. If we think of the effect, we need to think more and find the point of communication with the customer. And pay attention to the topic of mail communication, as well as communication skills. On the basis of sending in groups, sending in detail respectively and clearly is recommended. How do you hook up with your customers? Go to the customer's company website to understand the customer's product line, supply chain, recommended combined with customs data analysis. Discover customer defects, problems, and give advice. By sending e-mails, telling the target customers what better solutions, quality products, new products, etc. are you, customers who see these solutions will be more inclined to communicate with you and give you a reply. After that the rest is cliche, further contact with customers, appropriate to product sales data, new product details, price changes to attract customers. Phone follow-up Call, in fact, in the communication with foreign customers, is necessary. For example, the client didn't have time to read the email due to too much. Or interested, but forgot to reply to you, this is a very normal phenomenon. Therefore, it is suggested to timely communicate and follow up on the phone when the email is not replied or opened to remind customers to check or reply so as to improve the chances of receiving the reply from these customers. Of course, some customers will reply to you, and some may not, but our chances of reaching customers are much better than a bunch of people who don't do anything. Telephone communication content, communication skills, time difference in foreign trade these details should be paid attention to. The process of communicating with customers is rather tedious, and it is not just a matter of sending emails in a group and waiting. It is necessary to make a development follow-up plan. When did you contact the client after you sent the development letter? When was the development letter sent to the customer? Did the customer reply in two or three days? All of these needs to be documented, separated from non-contacted and replied customers, and adjusted to send content, send period or call, to develop a follow-up strategy. Instead of eliminating the target customers and finding new ones to develop.

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