Alternative Search Method—Company Suffix Name

When using customs data to search for companies, the search fields often used, such as known cargo description, product name, HS code, company name, etc. Coupled with the company name search that contains type words and industry words, such as Sourcing, Import, trading, etc., you can refine the classification of buyers with obvious characteristics. So, in addition to the search terms mentioned above, are there other search methods? Company type suffix I believe that careful foreign trade friends will find that when we search for companies, the company names appear in the search results, and their suffixes are various, such as Ltd., Inc., Mfy, FZC, etc. What do these suffix names represent in the company name? In fact, they are referring to the acronyms of the company type. Ltd. is the abbreviation of limited, which represents a limited liability company; Inc. represents a company limited by shares; companies with Mfy suffixes are manufacturing plants and production plants; and companies with FZCO in the company name generally refer to a company incorporated in a free trade zone. Why should we understand the types of companies these suffixes represent? On the one hand, when we look at the data, we can quickly distinguish and determine whether the company is the target company type directly from the company's suffix name; on the other hand, when we use product keyword search, the search results contain many companies and data where buyers of different company types such as foreign trade companies and factories are mixed together. However, we all know that customers of different company types have different development methods and communication content. For example, purely imported foreign trade companies, most of the source of goods comes from imports, will be more concerned about your goods quotation, delivery; and manufacturing plants will be more concerned about your product quality, stable supply and other aspects. So when we look for companies, we can use the search method of subdivided suffixes to filter out customers of different company types, find out the points of interest of customers, and then contact and communicate separately. Not only that, based on the company ’s suffix name, we can also roughly determine the country where the company belongs. Suffix names of different countries In addition to using some commonly used international company suffix names, such as Ltd, co, etc., in fact, the suffix names of companies in different countries are different. For example, most companies in Asian countries use Co. Ltd. ; the U.S. Companies usually use Inc., LLC, and Dutch companies generally start with BV and NV as the company name or end with a suffix. Therefore, we can use different suffix names to quickly search out the companies and data of the target trading country from the huge data. For example, let's search by the suffix name of a Dutch company and enter B.V.. As you can see, we can easily grab some Dutch buyers whose company name contains the BV suffix, and then check their transaction records and company information, understand the company's situation, see if it matches you, and then follow up development work. Therefore, understanding the company suffix names in different countries is very helpful for us to find and analyze the types of potential customers. Finally, I have compiled the types of companies in various countries and their corresponding suffix names. Let's take a look.

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