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Basic Profile of Argentina Argentina is located in the south of South America, the main trading partners are Brazil, China, the United States, Chile, Mexico and so on. Among them, China is Argentina's sixth largest export market and the second largest source of imports. The main commodities Argentina imports from China are mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, communications equipment, textiles and clothing. In addition, the import volume of major products such as base metals and products, plastic and rubber have been increasing year by year. Countries such as Brazil, the United States and Germany are major competitors of China. The Argentine customs data of the Foreign Trade State are derived from the local customs official first-hand pick-up and customs clearance. Provide online consultation, updated once a month. Argentina Data Description Argentine customs data are every maritime transaction between The Argentine region and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. The Argentine customs data of the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2007 and has so far provided 280 million import and export data transactions, including 47,065 buyers and 59,406 suppliers. Customs data in Argentina are updated once a month. (Latest update, see data update table) import data export data 1.Each order has 11-bit HS code used by Argentina's local customs declaration. 2. Provide a detailed description of the goods products, and the language is Spanish. 3.Due to the local customs policy, the content of the public fields is restricted. The import data only provides the buyer information, and does not display the supplier information of the cooperation; the export data provides the supplier information, and there is no buyer information. 4.Import and export data provides information on the volume of goods traded by both parties, including the quantity of goods and the amount of the price. 5.Provide export port, port of import, country of origin and other port shipment information.

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