Before You Search For Your Customers With Google, Define Your Purpose And Plan!

When using Google to search for customers, the search ideas must be clear, and our search thinking, changes in methods, and the final feedback results of the search must be recorded in time. 1. Search Purpose The first is to clarify your search purpose. One thing to note here: choosing different keywords will affect your search results. For example, when searching, you are used to searching with product words. At this time, you will find that many of the search results are customers belonging to the distribution category. We switch to another type of keyword search, and use the keyword search of the customer type to find the corresponding type of customer. So in addition to using product words to search for customers, we can also use customer type keywords to search appropriately. Of course, we must first analyze the company's existing cooperative customers to understand the business types, customer groups and sales promotion channels of these customers. These clues can help us quickly pass an existing customer and grasp this series of customers of the same type. It is very important to see how to choose and keep trying keywords. Search and follow up solutions In fact, search is often just a means, the clear purpose is to go ahead, and then use these search methods to find the target customers you want. Many times, the problems we face are mainly in developing more customers. So before searching, consider these two issues: first, what kind of customers are needed; second, how to find more customers of the same type. First, the first question is. Because some foreign traders now mainly rely on Alibaba and other B2B platforms to publish products to obtain enquiries, thereby developing customers. In this process, due to the difficulty of customer development in the early stage, many salesmen often fall into a state of competition with existing customers, and regard existing customers as a normal state; after more customers are done later. It is also difficult for some customers to talk about because of the severe price reduction by customers and price competition among peers. So at different stages, we must constantly understand the company's products, industry characteristics, image positioning and development needs, etc., and actively think about what kind of customers we need, rather than being tired of dealing with existing customers. Secondly, it is the second question. At the beginning, we looked for customers who felt a good match. Most of the customers we might find were pure importers. The products they manage are the products we make. Such customers are often difficult to talk about, especially in terms of price. Then if you understand this part of the customer group in the back end of the supply chain, you may be able to achieve such types of customers as wholesalers, distributors, and supermarkets. When we are doing business, we suggest that we can analyze the existing cooperation customers of existing companies. Through some information and clues, to find more customers of the same type. This way of finding customers is obviously much higher than the success rate of mass mailing. So when creating a customer search plan, you can use the customer type to determine your search direction. Then in the execution,to adjust our specific search program through the timely record of the search results feedback, here you may encounter a problem, which is to search the customer to send a development letter, the customer also replied, but how to follow up and further development? At this time, you should take the initiative in the customer reply email, inquiry email and communication to obtain customer demand, and by the customer demand to determine our follow-up program.

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