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Basic profile of Bolivia Bolivia is located in the middle of South America and maintains trade relations with nearly 80 countries and regions, with Brazil, China, the United States, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. In recent years, the trade volume between China and Bolivia has grown rapidly and economic and trade cooperation has developed rapidly. We are Bolivia's second largest trading partner in the world, the largest source of imports and the seventh largest export destination. Mainly exports automobiles, motorcycles, tires and high-tech products to Bolivia, and mainly imports commodities such as ore, leather, logs and sawn timber. The Bolivian data of the foreign trade state are derived from the original bill of lading data of the local customs authorities and are available for online inquiries. Bolivia Data Description The Bolivian customs data of the foreign trade state, updated since 2014, provides 11.94 million original import and export data, including 58,287 purchasers and 1,543 suppliers. Due to the local customs policies and regulations in Bolivia, the import and export data have been stopped updating. Now the historical data of local customs are kept online, among which the date of import data stays at August 1, 2018 and the date of export data stays at October 31, 2015. import data export data 1. Each transaction order has the 11-bit HS code used by the local customs declaration. 2.Provide a detailed description of the goods, and the language is Spanish. 3. Due to local customs policy restrictions and other reasons, Bolivia's bill of lading data only provide buyer information, including ID and company name; 4.In addition to providing detailed quantity, weight and other cargo information, import and export data also provide FOB and CIF prices for goods traded by both parties, the transaction currencies are US Dollar (USD) and Boliviano (BOB). 5.Different from other first-tier trading countries data, Bolivia's import and export transactions did not provide detailed port information. Import data provides both the country of origin and export of import trade.

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