Booking Process Of Foreign Trade Shipping Export

Booking is when the shipper/agent applies to the carrier for the carriage of goods and the carrier makes a commitment to the application and registers the space and commences the loading and unloading of the goods. So what is the specific export booking process? Let's see. Accept inquiry from consignor Shipping inquiry: 1. Need to master the shipping port to all continents and major routes commonly used. The port and the price the cargo owner often needs to service; 2. Shipping schedule information of major shipping companies; 3. Ask the inquirer for some information when necessary, such as the name of the goods and the danger level. (waterway hazard gauge) If it cannot be provided in time, please ask the customer to leave the contact elements such as phone number and surname in order to reply to the owner within the shortest possible time. Accept the commission from the owner After accepting the consignor's entrustment, clear key information (generally faxed) is required, including shipping schedule, number of items, box type, box volume, gross weight, volume, payment terms, and contact method of the shipper. Booking Make a power of attorney (ten copies); In order to reduce the frequent change in the following process, the data of the original supporting documents should be correct and consistent to the greatest extent. Company seal for booking space: if any accessories (such as shipping company price confirmation) are required, they should be prepared before booking space. Obtain the cargo receipt and extract the name of the vessel, voyage and bill of lading number. Make a box Inside loading: fill in the packing plan: ship's name of voyage, customs number, port of transshipment, port of destination, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, number of incoming cargo, etc., and arrange the vehicle shift 1 to 2 days before the closing date (two days before the shipping date). Door to door: fill in the container making time, ship name, voyage, customs number, transit port, port of destination, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, door point, contact person, telephone and other necessary reasons in the packing plan, and arrange the car shift 1 to 2 days before the closing date (two days before the shipping date). Finally, the packing list obtained from the two methods of packing is obtained. Customs clearance 1. Documents required for customs declaration of exported goods, including commodity inspection, quotas, licenses, certificates of origin, trademark authorization, trademark names, foreign exchange settlement slips (photocopy), chamber of commerce verification price stamp, etc. 2. Complete the voyage of the ship's name, bill of lading number, corresponding packing list, invoice, and the content displayed shall be consistent with the customs declaration form. 3. Check the Customs Code Encyclopedia and check whether the commodity code matches the "Chinese name" of the goods on the customs declaration form. 4. Prepare the customs declaration power of attorney, customs declaration form, manual, invoice, packing list, contract, write-off order, cabin return receipt (after the fifth joint ten-unit bill) and other required materials, and clear the day before the customs clearance. 5. Track the receipt of the station and confirm the contents of the bill of lading to ensure that it is loaded on board. 6. Voyage settlement.

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