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A basic profile of Brazil Brazil is the largest country in South America, mainly imported machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, oil, automobiles and spare parts, wheat and so on. Export of automobiles and parts, aircraft, steel, soybeans, pharmaceuticals, mineral products and other commodities. The main trade partners are China, the United States, Argentina, the Netherlands, Chile and Singapore. Among them, China is Brazil's largest source of imports and the largest export destination, mainly exports to Brazil of mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, transport equipment, textiles and raw materials, as well as base metals and products. The main imports from Brazil are plant products, mineral products, cellulose pulp, paper and so on. Bilateral trade between China and Pakistan has maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. The Brazilian customs data of the Foreign Trade State provides online inquiries and monthly updates for the local customs official bill of lading data and customs bill data. Brazil Data Description Brazilian customs data from the Foreign Trade Union State updated from 2018, provides 3.37 million import and export transactions, including 43,209 buyers and 30,269 suppliers. Import data from Brazil are updated monthly. (Latest update, see data update table);Export data has been discontinued due to local customs policy provisions in Brazil and is now available online for local customs history data, dated 31 January 2018. Import data Export data 1. Each order has a description of the goods in English. In addition to the detailed product description, it also provides 8-digit customs code and HS code description. 2. Import and export data provide detailed company information of both parties, including company name, code, address, type, country, etc. 3. Provide the informer's information, that is, the party that notifies the importer of the goods when they arrive at the port, including name, type, ID, country, address, etc. 4. Provide the packaging information of the transaction, including the weight, quantity of containers, type and other information of the goods. 5. Display detailed shipping information, including shipping information of country of shipment, country of destination, port of loading, port of discharge, name of ship, route and so on.

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