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Basic profile of Chile Chile is located in southwestern South America, economically dependent on foreign trade, with more than 170 countries and regions in the world have trade relations. China is Chile's largest import market. Chile's main imports from China are mechanical and electrical products, textiles and raw materials and base metals and products. In mechanical and electrical products, textiles and raw materials, base metals and products, shoes, umbrellas and other products, Chinese products still have an advantage, the United States, Brazil, India are the main competitors of these products in China. The Chilean customs data of the foreign trade state are derived from the local customs official first-hand collection and customs clearance data, providing online consultation, updated once a month. Chile Data Description Chile's customs data from the Foreign Trade State have been updated since 2007 and have so far provided 59.39 million import and export data records, including 84,012 buyers and 28,643 suppliers. Customs data in Chile are updated once a month. (Latest update, see data update table) import data export data 1. Each transaction order has an 8-digit HS code used in local customs declarations in Chile. 2.Provide a detailed description of the goods products, and the language is Spanish. 3.Due to local customs policy and the content of the open field restrictions, import data provide buy’s information, no cooperation supplier information;Export data provides vendor information, and there is no buyer information. 4.Import and export data provide the volume of goods traded by both sides of the volume information, including the weight of goods, quantity, amount, etc. 5.Provide export port, port of import, country of origin and other port shipment information.

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