China's Major Shipping Routes

Maritime transportation uses ocean routes as transportation lines. Among them, the ocean shipping routes are divided into near-sea shipping routes and cross Ocean-going shipping routes according to their distance from the land. So what are the main shipping routes in China?

Near Ocean Route

1. Hong Kong—Macau Line—to Hong Kong and Macau.

2. Singapore-Malaysia Line—to Singapore, Malaysia Port Klang (PORTKELANG), Penang (PENANG) and Malacca (MALACEA) and other ports.

3. The Siam Bay Line, also known as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand Lines—to Haiphong, Vietnam, Kompong, Cambodia, and Bangkok, Thailand.

4. Colombo, Bay of Bengal Line—to Colombo in Sri Lanka and Yangon in Myanmar, Chittagong in Bangladesh and Kolkata on the east coast of India.

5. Philippine Line—to Manila Port in the Philippines.

6. Indonesia Line—to Jakarta, Semarang of Java island, etc.

7. Australia New Zealand Line—to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Australia, Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand.

8. Papua New Guinea Line—to Papua New Guinea's Lai City, Port Moresby, etc.

9. Japan Line—to the ports of menji on the Japanese island of kyushu and kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, yokohama and kawasaki on the island of honshu.

10. South Korea Line—to Busan, Incheon and other ports.

Cross Ocean—going Shipping route

1. Mediterranean Line route to Beirut and Tripoli in Lebanon in the eastern Mediterranean; Haifa and Ashdod in Israel; Latakia in Syria; Port Said and Alexandria in Egypt in the southern Mediterranean; Tunisia in Tunisia; Algiers in Algeria, Oran, Genoa in northern Mediterranean Italy; Marseille in France; Barcelona in Spain and Limassol in Cyprus, etc.

2. Northwest Europe Line—to Antwerp, Belgium; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Hamburg, Bremen, Germany; Lefreux, France; London, Liverpool, United Kingdom; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland, etc.

3. U.S. and Canada Line—includes Canada ’s west coast port, Vancouver; U.S. west coast ports Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles; Canada ’s east coast ports Montreal, Toronto; U.S. east coast ports New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland and Mobile, New Orleans, Houston and other ports in the US Gulf of Mexico. Ports of the US Gulf of Mexico also belong to the US East Coast route.

4. West Coast of South America—to Callao in Peru; Arica in Chile; Iquique, Valparaiso, Antofagasta and other ports.

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