Comparison Of Key Words Of Foreign Trade Peer Products

Although the search volume cannot be said to represent the trade volume of B2B product, after all, the product is sold to the company, which will eventually move the goods from the supply chain of importers, traders and wholesalers to the retail chain. In the end, there is no demand in the market, to some extent, the business will reflect to the end consumer. Therefore, Google trends is a tool that can help us make some analysis and decisions when we choose different industries and product categories. But in the process of use, here are a few things to note. Peer product comparison When we search for different product terms, it is best to compare products between peers. For example, compared to disposable gloves and disposable masks. Looking at the trend curve, the search interest and the attention of end-consumers of disposable gloves over the past 12 months, first higher than disposable masks, and the next few months are lower than it. What would happen if you didn't compare with your peers? Let's enter the gloves to compare. As you can see from the comparison of the two trend charts, the results are different. Because gloves this product category is relatively large, different use scene corresponding to different products. For example, disposable gloves, cotton gloves, safety gloves, boxing gloves and so on. Instead of comparing products under peer conditions, we may have come to the wrong analytical conclusion that the search for disposable gloves is hotter than the one-off mask. So if we are targeting the category of disposable items, when searching with product terms, try to ensure that it is under the premise of comparing products at the same level. Second, through Google Trend Explore, you can clearly know the interest of different products and distribution area. Focus on hot areas Let's have a look at the hot areas of concern for safety gloves and safety goggles. We can see that areas with high levels of attention and search for safety gloves are mainly focused on developing countries such as South Africa, the Philippines, India and so on. In the top ten concerns of safety goggles, some developed countries have appeared, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and so on. For basic production tools, we know that as a basic labor supplies, safety gloves mainly focus on some developing China, while the industry in developed countries is mainly tertiary industry, the heat of safety gloves is not as high as that in developing countries. Safety goggles are actually more common in developed countries with higher safety awareness. For example,in some noise-polluted working environments in the United States, workers will wear noise-proof headphones to perform their work. In developing countries, because security awareness is weaker than in developed countries, search interest will not be particularly high. Product keywords Of course, for some B2B products, such as mechanical parts, photovoltaic panels and other partial industrial products, its search volume may not be too high, and even you can’t search for the corresponding results using your own product words. On the one hand, ordinary consumers will not particularly search for such products, On the other hand, the keywords we use may not be consistent with the search keywords used by foreigners, so we should try as many different product keywords as possible when searching. If there is no corresponding search interest data in the end, we can use Google's other tools to look at trade statistics customs exports, such as, United Nations commodity statistics, customs data, etc., to help us understand the market direction and choose products.

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