Costa Rica Customs Data

Basic profile of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Latin America and has an open trade policy and trade relations with more than 50 countries around the world. The main exports of electronic chips, textiles, coffee, medical equipment, processed food, etc., mainly exported to the United States, China, the European Union and Central American neighbors.The main imports are raw materials, consumer goods, fuel, lubricants and other goods and the main sources of imports are from the United States, China, Venezuela and Mexico.

Among them, China is Costa Rica's second largest trading partner and source of imports, only next to the United States. Mainly exports to Costa Rica textiles, automobiles and parts, mobile phones, clothing and clothing accessories, furniture, plastic products and other goods.

Costa Rican customs data from the foreign trade state are derived from the original collection and customs document data of the local customs authorities and provide online inquiries.

Costa Rica Data Description

Costa Rican customs data from the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2014, providing 45.43 million raw import and export transactions, including 54,935 buyers and 7,405 suppliers. Import and export data have been discontinued due to local customs policy provisions in Costa Rica and are now online to keep local customs historical data, dated 31 December 2017.

Import data

export data

1. Each order has a 10-bit HS code used in local declarations in Costa Rica.

2.Provide a detailed description of the goods traded, and the language is Spanish.

3. Due to Costa Rica's local customs policy and other reasons, import data only provide information of buyer’s, and export data provide supplier information, including company name, address and code.

4.Provide the information of the notifying person, that is, the goods to port, notify the importer of goods to go through the customs declaration of the bill of lading procedures of the party, including the customs declaration enterprise, the declaration enterprise and the declaration enterprise code.

5.Provide the guarantor's information. That is, the goods import and export or the payment of taxes to bear legal responsibility for the party, including customs enterprise code, agent enterprise, agent enterprise code.

6.Import and export data provide information on the volume of goods traded by both parties, including the quantity and weight of the goods, as well as the FOB price and CIF price traded in UsDollar (USD). In addition, the import data also provides information on shipping, insurance, value added tax and other taxes.

7. Show how detailed shipping information, in addition to the country of origin, country of origin, customs, export data also provide ship number, type, mode of transport and other shipping information.

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