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Basic overview of Pakistan Pakistan is located in South Asia, with the northeast to Xinjiang in China. China is Pakistan's largest trading partner, and also Pakistan's largest source of imports and second largest export destination. Pakistan mainly exports cotton yarn, textiles, leather products, mineral products, electronic products, etc., while China mainly exports polyester and silk fabrics, mechanical products, steel products, communications products and so on. The Pakistani customs data of the Foreign Trade State Network is the original bill of lading data obtained directly from the local customs, the import and export data information is large and complete, providing online inquiries. Pakistan Data description The import and export data of Pakistan of the Foreign Trade State Network have been updated since 2005, and 8.5 million original bills of lading data have accumulated on the line, including 88,886 buyers and 13,861 suppliers. Every maritime transaction between Pakistan and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. Where the import data updates once in January, continuously updates to date. Export data has been discontinued due to Pakistan's customs policy and other reasons, and local customs historical data are now retained online, with the date stuck on 31 December 2011. (Latest update date, see data update table) import data export data 1. Due to the restrictions of local customs in Pakistan, there is no information about HS code in the bill of lading data. 2. The date of bill of lading shall be consistent with the actual date of arrival of the goods. 3. Each order has a detailed description of the goods in English. 4. The company information of both parties shall be provided in the bill of lading data, including company name, address, etc. 5. The quantity, weight, freight company and container information are also provided in the order. 6. Due to Pakistani customs regulations, the bill of lading data does not provide the actual transaction price amount of both parties. 7.Where port information is very detailed, including specific port of shipment, port of origin, customs area and route information.

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