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Basic overview of Colombia Colombia is located in the northwestern of South America and is highly marketable, with its main exports including petroleum and petroleum products, chemical products, coal, coffee, agricultural and by-products and textiles, and imports of machinery and equipment, chemical products, agricultural and by-products, textiles and metal materials. In terms of imports, the United States and China are Colombia's main source of imports, of which machinery and equipment, electronic and audio-visual products, chemical products, textiles account for a large proportion of imports from China. The source of the Colombian customs data of the foreign trade state is the primary bill of lading data of the local customs official. The import and export data has a large amount of information and is complete. It provides online inquiry and is updated once a month. Columbia data description Colombia customs data comes from every shipping transaction record of Colombia and all trading companies around the world, including import data and export data. Colombia data of Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2000, and so far has accumulated 47 million original B / Ls, including 74,791 buyers and 33942 suppliers. Customs data for Colombia is updated monthly. (The latest update time, see the data update table) Import data Export data 1. The customs clearance date and the bill of lading date are consistent. 2. Each bill of lading transaction record has a 10-digit HS code used in Colombian customs declaration. The import data provides a detailed description of the HS code. 3. A detailed description of the goods and commodities is provided in the transaction order. The language used is Spanish. 4. The bill of lading data contains detailed company information for both parties, including company name, address, telephone, city, etc. 5. The import data provides the transaction price FOB and CIF, and the transaction currency is US dollars (USD). Export data provides the transaction price FOB amount (COP) and total FOB price (USD). 6. Different from the data of other front-line trading countries, the bill of lading transaction record contains the freight, insurance, tax, value-added tax and other information for each transaction. 7. The import data provides detailed shipping information, including country of origin, customs area and transportation company, manifest number, shipping bill number, invoice number, etc. Export data provides the name of the customs declaration enterprise.

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