Customs Declaration, Customs Clearance, Clearance And General Customs Clearance In Shipping

When doing foreign trade by sea, these words are often encountered, such as customs declaration, close for customs clearance, customs clearance and general customs clearance, how to distinguish these in actual operation? 1. Customs declaration Customs declaration is a specific action, usually the exporter or agent declares the specific export goods information to the customs. The corresponding agent is the agent customs declaration company. The customs declaration procedure must be completed before the customs clearance, and the customs will release it before the goods can be boarded. 2. Close for customs clearance The close for customs clearance refers to the time to cut off the acceptance of customs clearance information, which is usually the time to cut off the clearance. Goods must be cleared and released before this time, and submit the customs release slip (the station receipt is also called the delivery paper) to the shipping company. Generally displayed as closing time. After the cut-off time has not been submitted, the cabinet cannot be released and the ship cannot be boarded. 3. Clearance Clearance is a procedure after the customs releases. It will send the relevant information of the goods release and the information of the goods shipped to the customs for archival filing and subsequent export tax rebate (foreign exchange write-off) and other work. Generally, clearance is about one week after the goods are exported. However, it is also possible to extend the customs clearance time for special reasons. 4. General Customs clearance General customs clearance refers to a series of actions of customs clearance and customs clearance. It refers to the import and export goods and transhipment goods, which must be handled by the customs procedures of a country. Only after going through the formalities of customs declaration, inspection, taxation, clearance, customs clearance, etc., this series of actions is called customs clearance. 5. Customs clearance Customs clearance is a common spoken term in the freight forwarding industry. It mainly refers to a series of specific operations related to import-related customs declaration, inspection, customs declaration documents, transportation and delivery. Understanding these operation nodes of foreign trade export can help us better understand the flow of our goods in the export link and improve our professionalism.

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