Customs Regulations And Requirements For Import And Export Goods Of Various Trading Countries

Different trading countries have different regulations and requirements when importing and exporting goods. Now let's take a look at the customs requirements for import and export goods of various trade countries. North America: United States a. All shoe samples imported into the United States must provide detailed product information such as product name, composition, style, etc., otherwise customs clearance will be delayed. REMARK SAMPLE is required for all textiles entering the United States without proof of quota. b. It is prohibited to import wooden packaging (including log packaging, plywood packaging, etc.) to the United States, but non-log packaging items can still be transferred through DHL. Please pay attention to the packaging when sending to avoid problems. c. All food, animal and plant products and cosmetics imported into the country cannot be imported by the express, otherwise, they may be subject to a fine ranging from US $ 5000 to US $ 10000. Mexico a. To declare the AMS bill of lading, the commodity code needs to be displayed, and the AMS information and packing list invoice need to be provided; b. Notify displays a third-party notifier, generally a freight forwarding company or an agent of CONSIGNEE; c. SHIPPER shows the real shipper and CONSIGNEE shows the real consignee; d. The product name cannot display the general name, but the detailed product name should be displayed; e. Pieces: It is required to display detailed pieces. Example, there are 50 boxes of goods in 1PALLET, not only 1 PLT, but 1 pallet containing 50 cartons; f. The bill of lading shall show the origin of the goods. After the ship is opened, the bill of lading shall be changed to a bill of lading to incur a fine of at least USD200. Panama a. The bill of lading is not accepted, wooden packaging should be fumigated, and packing list and invoice must be provided; b. The goods going to Panama via COLON FREEZONE (Cologne Free Trade Zone) must be able to be stacked and forklift operated, and the weight of a single piece cannot exceed 2000KGS. South America: Venezuela The cancellation of all the original parcels imported into the country will be subject to local customs inspection, except for express shipments with a declared value of USD5000 or more. Peru a. Peruvian Customs stipulates that all invoices for imported local goods must be original commercial invoices. Proforma invoices are not accepted. The consignor should ensure that the accompanying information is correct, otherwise the customs clearance delay or all costs will be borne by the consignor. b. For all shipments imported into Peru, the Peruvian local customs need to have the original invoice made by the sender company for customs clearance. Chile Chile does not accept bills of lading, and wooden packaging must be fumigated. Brazil a. Only three original copies of the full set of bills of lading can be accepted. The bill of lading must be displayed on the bill of lading (only USD or Euro can be used). The bill of lading "TO ORDER" is not accepted. ); b. All express waybills and invoices imported into the locality must provide the detailedrecipient name, address and US dollar declared value, otherwise it will be automatically returned to the sending place, and the relevant return fee will be charged directly to the sender; c. The CNPJ number of the consignee must be displayed on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a company that has been registered), and the consignee must be a company registered in the destination customs; d. You cannot collect money or pay more money at the destination port. The wooden packaging must be fumigated, so you need to pay more attention to the consolidation price. Colombia The bill of lading must show the freight amount (only USD or Euro can be used). Argentina a. The declared value of all items imported into the country by express mail (including: private items) cannot exceed USD1000, otherwise they must be imported through formal customs clearance; if the total declared value of items received by the same recipient in one day exceeds USD1000, then some items must be cleared through formal customs clearance channels. b. All items imported into the country by express must be accompanied by a copy of the tariff number or the passport (or citizenship certificate) of the recipient, otherwise it will cause 24-48 hours of customs clearance delay. c. Argentine law stipulates that the consignee ’s lost bill of lading must be declared to the customs. After the customs agrees, the shipping company or the shipping company ’s agent will issue another set of bills of lading, and at the same time submit a statement to the relevant agency that the original bill of lading is invalid. Ecuador a. All items imported into Ecuador will no longer accept fax or photocopied invoices, but must provide original (cannot be altered) invoice, otherwise it will result in a fine of USD27 and delay in customs clearance of more than 3 days. b. All articles exported to the country must provide the original certificate of origin of the goods with the goods, otherwise the local customs will not be able to clear the customs and incur a customs fine of at least USD27. Asia: Philippines: a. Customs clearance fee of USD 44 will be incurred for each ticket whose declared price exceeds USD 200 or weight exceeds 100KG. b. For the communication equipment, the recipient must provide the Philippine communication department's import license, customs clearance may be delayed. c. For movies, CDs, tapes and other audiovisual products, the recipient needs to provide an import license from the audiovisual authority. Indonesia In the end, the consignee must have the right to import and export, otherwise the customs clearance cannot be imported. Therefore, it takes about one month to modify the bill of lading. India a. All shipments of wooden packaging imported into India need to provide a plant inspection and quarantine certificate, otherwise it will result in a 3-4 day delay in customs clearance and a fine of at least 40 Euros; b. All express waybills and invoices imported to India must declare the relevant details such as product name, quantity, unit price, etc., and only the "sample" and other unclear declarations will be rejected by local customs. Pakistan Carbon powder, graphite powder, magnesium dioxide and other dyes packed in imported paper bags must be palletized or properly packed, otherwise they will not be unloaded. In addition, Pakistan does not accept ships flying the flags of India, South Africa, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan. South Korea All items imported into South Korea using raw wood packaging must be subjected to heat treatment (fumigation) under certain circumstances using methyl bromide by the relevant quarantine department before exporting in the exporting country, and use the "marks that have undergone relevant processing" on the packaging to show instructions (The mark must be displayed on at least two opposite sides of the wooden package); otherwise, it will result in Korean customs disposal, punishment or direct return of the courier, and the relevant cost will be paid by the sending customer unconditionally. Europe: Russia a. The payment must be timely, or you are a long-term cooperation, otherwise it is recommended to make the payment first, or prepay more than 75%. b. After the goods arrive at the port, whether it is to prepay, pick up the goods, or return the final payment, the customer must be reminded. c. Russian customs prohibits the import of "Christmas gifts" or other forms of gifts in the name of individuals. For food, the recipient must provide the following import permit documents before importing, and if the customs assessment value (including freight) exceeds 200 euros, all relevant customs duties must be paid. United Kingdom a. All food products (including animal products, fish, insects, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are prohibited from importing to the UK. Once found, they will be returned to the place of delivery immediately, and the British health department will impose a minimum of 140 pounds of seizure fees. Related fees will be charged directly to the sending company. b. Films imported into the UK must specify the type, action time, quantity, length, width and application.

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