Data Portrait Of Foreign Trade Clients

I believe there are a lot of friends think the same goes for customs data. Though a lot of data displaying a good look, there is no effects on the development of customers. What shouldn't be found can't be found anyway. Few contact information effective. It is also laborious to develop a mailbox, what's the use? Well, this is the spit of Bangbang when he hears these complaints!

Here, I have to stand up for the customs data. Not the data is useless, but you do not distinguish the priorities. You should believe to some extent that there is such a kind of friends think that as long as bought the data, they must be able to develop customers who would be willing to wait there to cooperate with them . Come on! Did you look at the data carefully? Did you analyze it? Did you Compare with last year’s ? You can't just "knock" the development letter into client’s mailbox never looking at customer's company information or trade data. Then, you start to say that the customs data is useless when there is no reply.

Foreign trade state really want to ask this kind of friends: do you know which industry the customer belongs to? Does he specialize in this line of work or does he dabble a lot? Does the size of the client company match your own's? These are not clear, but you just begin to develop customer focusing on contact information. At least filter it! What related products have customers purchased? What is the quantity purchased? How long is the purchase cycle? Who are the partners? Can the customer accept your offer? ...... Only when these issues are clarified can customs data help us quickly discover what kind of customers we are looking for, and which customers in the data meet our requirements, which is a bit like a customer's data portrait.

To develop customers with customs data, first of all, we need to set our mind and distinguish priorities.

Data is playing the role of assisting the development of customers, not directly sending customers to you. It also needs other methods to cooperate with;

Customer transactions provided by customs data are far more important than the customer's contact information. If develop customers without using data function, just using contact function, the effect will of course be greatly reduced.

We all know why many service providers, not directly to provide the original customs data, but according to the use of small partners, constant analysis of customs data, and generation of foreign trade analysis data. The purpose is to make sure we can use customs data more efficiently and improve the effects of developing customers.

The company trade report provided by foreign trade state is the product of further analysis of customs data. Some partners feel very complex after used it, and they do not understand. In fact, it subtly embodies a principle: connect series of points into a line, from the line to the plane, generate customer data "portrait", and accurate identification of potential customers.

As we all know, a bill of lading data contains what is included and which fields are of more concern to us. The field content of our general concern is the transaction date, the purchase of both parties, products, volume prices, ports, and shipping companies, etc. , these "points" in transaction records can help us quickly understand the company.

From the transaction records of both sides, the analysis data of market analysis, trading partners, peer companies, purchasing regions and ports can be derived, which is actually the so-called "line" connecting the transaction cooperation information of both sides. Analyzing data from transaction records of multiple companies, For example: what month to what month is the purchasing period? Are your customers purchasing from other competitors at the same time? Having Received the target company's inquiry, how should you quote? Can the customer accept this price? Which other countries do customers purchase from and have they purchased in China and so on. We can find answers to these questions in the company trade report. These data can help you to further understand the company in all aspects, and judge whether the company is a big purchaser or a small seller, whether it matches our products, and whether it has development value and should be developed Preferentially?

Bang Bang believes that customs data do not equal to foreign trade data. Relying on raw customs data to develop customers is far from enough. How to constantly analyze the data and explore new business opportunities from the customs data is the new direction that leads to foreign trade transactions. It is inefficient to get the customs data and start sending development letters to customers. How to more accurately dock suitable suppliers, which is the problem that we have been facing in foreign trade transactions, not limited to contact information and bill of lading data.

Applying customs data Skillfully should take core fields as "points", use scenes to connect "lines", make customer companies be "plane", analyze all customs data of foreign trade companies accurately, quickly filter out the target customers of active degree and high match degree, and excavate more business value from the data usage scenarios, which is the shortcut to develop customers quickly.

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