Development Of Foreign Trade Exhibition Customers' Status And Effectiveness Evaluation

Among the foreign trade development customers, the mainstream traditional development method is to find and develop high-quality foreign customers by participating in various offline large and small international exhibitions, including product technology display, face-to-face communication with customers, etc. Let's take a look at the current situation, effects and evaluation options of the traditional customer development method of the exhibition. Exhibition status At this stage, international exhibitions are still an effective way to develop overseas customers. First of all, international exhibitions have a wide range of radiation. Some well-known exhibitions can often attract high-quality merchants from all over the world to participate in or watch exhibitions. These merchants basically have real procurement needs. In addition, there will be some buyers who come to the exhibition to find new products and new suppliers, such as the purchasing office of a subsidiary of an overseas enterprise, a trading company, etc. Foreign trade friends who have participated in the exhibition all know that, like participating in exhibitions and displaying exhibitions, foreign buyers need to invest time and expenses to participate in the exhibition. These exhibition customers basically have more or less specific needs and purchase wishes. Let's take a look at what new products are on the market today, or want to see if there are suitable product manufacturers that can be used as reserve suppliers in the supply chain. Of course, the exhibition is also one of the effective ways for foreign trade enterprises and foreign customers to obtain industry and product information. At the exhibition, the product status, company size, and price information of different industries, different products, and different manufacturers can be obtained through communication with customers. Exhibition effect With the development of the Internet and the rise of online B2B and B2C platforms, this traditional way of developing customers at the exhibition is often criticized by the participating foreign trade companies, "In the early stage, a large amount of human and capital costs were invested. As expected, the effect was not satisfactory. "" The offline talks are good, and foreign customers can't be contacted after returning. ""For foreign trade orders obtained, the situation of customers vigorously pressing prices is serious."... These conditions are common. On the one hand, although you talked very well with customers at the exhibition site, there are so many exhibitors in the exhibition, whether the customer will contact you after returning, this is a question. After the exhibition is over, the customer's mailbox is basically full of development letters, and it is possible to fail to reply one by one in time; on the other hand, different types of exhibitions, different industry exhibitions, the results obtained after participating are different. Exhibition evaluation International exhibitions are basically divided into two categories, one is exhibitions held in China, such as Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, Canton Fair, etc.; the other is exhibitions held abroad, such as Frankfurt Stationery Exhibition, Mexico International Packaging Exhibition, etc. Among them, there are professional exhibitions for professional buyers and visitors, as well as comprehensive exhibitions with relatively mixed customer groups. Different exhibitions have different characteristics. Which type of exhibition to choose depends on the company's products and customer grouporientation. After investing time and funds to participate in the exhibition, how many customers can be harvested and how effective is the promotion? It is also inseparable from the theme, type and positioning of the exhibition. Before participating in the exhibition, the foreign trade company will first consider the scale of the exhibition, the group of merchants participating in the exhibition, the popularity of the exhibition, etc., because no matter which type of exhibition is attended, the labor, time, and capital costs invested are all very high. Secondly, what needs to be considered is whether the products and industries made by your company are compatible with the exhibition. For example,the company makes products with more categories and more complex, suitable for participating in a comprehensive exhibition with a large scale and large traffic like Canton Fair ; On the contrary, if the company is doing a certain type of professional products or product raw materials, it is suitable to participate in some professional exhibitions in specific fields like the auto parts exhibition. In addition, the overall level of exhibitors is also a point we need to consider. This can be through the exhibitor directory of previous years to understand which customers are there, whether there are well-known customer groups, or which peer competitors participate in the exhibition and so on. You can also use the website of regular customers to see which exhibitions they have participated in and which exhibition they are going to attend recently. Through the above-mentioned aspects, make a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of the exhibition, analyze whether it is suitable for your own products and companies, and make the decision whether to participate or not.

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