Do Foreign Trade, Why Focus On The Long Tail Keywords?

In foreign trade, optimizing the search engine of an enterprise's English website, or uploading and publishing products on the B2B platform, it is not possible to always use the main keywords. On the one hand, the market competition for the main keywords is too fierce, on the other hand, the word coverage of this part is wide and the content is large, which is not conducive to refine the product market, so this time you need to use some long-tail keywords. Let's take a look at what are long-tail keywords! Long Tail Theory First of all, before we know the long tail keyword, we need to know what is the long tail theory? "Long tail" is actually a colloquial expression of the characteristics of power law and Pareto distribution in statistics. Simply put, in the past people only focused on important people or important things, if the normal distribution curve to depict these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head" important part, and often ignored the curve "tail" of the long tail. For example, when selling products, manufacturers will pay more attention to a few so-called large customers, and have no time to take into account the scattered and large number of ordinary small customers. For another example, we have a very large base of Chinese characters, but in actual daily life, there are not many commonly used Chinese characters. Here, because these commonly used keywords appear in more times, so these few Chinese characters occupy the curve "head"; However, the vast majority of rare characters, such as some rare characters, are rarely used in Chinese. Because of their low frequency, they belong to the long tail. In economics, the long-tailed market is also known as a niche market. This part is the basis for market refinement, which is to identify some customer groups in a narrower manner. If we think of the "head" part of the curve as the demand of the average consumer, the tail of the curve, the long tail as the demand of a particular consumer. This is a small market, and because people pay less attention to the niche market, this part of consumers with specific needs, and their needs have not been well served, or there is room for profit. At this stage, we are mainly meeting the needs of most people, competing for the market share of this part of the body, the competition for this part of the general demand is quite fierce; and looking back at the long tail part, because the needs of consumers are specific in this case, the competitive pressure should be less, if the company can serve these customers with specific needs, it can also obtain relatively high profits. Why do you say that? Let's look at the characteristics of long tails: "fine" and "long". "Fine" refers to the market share of the long tail, relative to the main demand market share, is to be less; In short, it means that there are many small markets that, cumulatively, can occupy a considerable share of the market. Long tail keywords Next, let's look at what a long tail keyword is. Long tail keyword refers a combination of keywords that are not targeted keywords on the website but can also bring search traffic. The target keyword here refers to the core/main keyword, which is equivalent to this part of the hot search. The less searched and unstable keywords are non-target keywords. Long tail keywords are characterized by a relatively long, 3-4 or more words, even phrases. Often existing on the content page, including the page title and content. Because the purpose of long-tailed words is more general than that of general-purpose words, the probability of bringing customers into product customers is much higher than that of general keywords. For example, the general keyword is clothing, the word is a more general keyword, the competition is more intense, we extend it according to the long tail theory, like women's clothing, the word relative to the previous word will be more concrete, and then such as refinement to the ladies down jacket, perhaps this more specific long tail word search volume is not as high as the previous two words, but we can find that the user's search intention is more and more clear. Re-extended and more targeted, it can be pink women's down jacket, apparently the user-defined search conditions more specific. In short, the number of long tail keywords or composition of the more phrases, representing the user's search intentions more specific and clear, although the search heat is not as high as the main keywords, but often can bring a large number of enterprises accurate target customers, and conversion rate is higher.

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