Doing Foreign Trade Market Research And Finding The Correct Product Category Is Very Important

When doing market information research, the information points we focus on are often the demand and attention of our products in certain markets. When looking for a definite market, it is very important to find the classification category of the product. Previously, we used Google global market finder to check the websites with large traffic, and found that it is relatively accurate to identify the classification categories of products. Let's find some foreign trade companies with less traffic. Find product classification categories We enter a company's English site domain name to see. You can see below are some of the categories identified by this tool, including freight trucks and trailers, classified ads, used cars, station wagons, etc. Comparing the searched websites, we can see that the main products of this website are freight cars, trailers, etc. The classification and identification of these categories are relatively accurate, such as classified advertisements, which obviously do not belong to the classification category of this website, we directly delete it. After confirming the exact category, we can see that the tool recommends the top three markets for us according to the search situation of the category, namely Brazil, Germany, and Japan. This means that the South American market for such products is mainly concentrated in Brazil, the European market in Germany, and the Asian market in Japan. As shown in the screenshot above, it shows some data of this product category in the Brazilian market. Let's take a look at what they are. The left-most value refers to the words related to the product category you selected. The average monthly search volume in Googles represents the volume of market demand and your overall opportunities. The second data is the recommended bid and bidding ranking of a Google keyword advertisement calculated based on the user ’s search. The latter is showing the difficulty of this keyword competition and the estimated overall revenue. Add and verify product categories Let's take a look at another company, and also enter the domain name of the company's homepage URL. Take a look at the website's identification through the tool and find that the identified categories are not very comprehensive and accurate. You can see that the remaining product categories in the screening are sunglasses and optical glasses. When looking at the company's website, we found that the main products of the website include sunglasses, optical glasses and contact lenses. Apparently the tool did not identify the contact lens category when it identifies the site's product category. But what if we also wanted to see the number of searches and the market for the lens? At this time, we need to manually add the product category. Click to add category and find that there are many detailed product category options in the drop-down list. How to find out the category of contact lens from this list? It is obviously unrealistic to go through the options one by one. We can see that there is also a search option to enter the product category. We can try to enter some product keywords, such as, contact lenses are worn on the cornea, and it should be a type of lens. Then we try to enter the lens. You can see that there are two product categories under the options. Are there any categories of contact lenses? We can verify it by a simple method. Select the corresponding category name, and then we search in google image to see if the website is the same type of product. As shown in the figure, Contact Lenses & Accessories is indeed the category of contact lenses, and then it is added to the search category. After determining the category, go to the corresponding recommended market situation. This tool recommends the market and some suggestions based on the product's classification category, so if the tool recognizes that the captured category is incomplete or inaccurate, we can add and verify to find a suitable and appropriate product category. Not only that, it actually tells us which market searches for more words in this category. Always paying attention to the market with a large search volume is a very important place to do market information research.After all, like Google trends tool, it gives us a general direction when we choose the market. Finally, if you have an English website, you can use your own website to analyze and see the search volume and market opportunities of the products you manage. If you are doing SOHO now, or if you haven't built a website yet, you can search for it on the website of a good peer company in the industry like the example above.

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