Export Tax Refund Process And Materials For Foreign Trade Enterprises

The export tax refund of foreign trade enterprises refers to the export of goods by foreign trade enterprises, and the value-added tax of its export sales link is exempted. Our country encourages import and export trade, exempts the export link and refunds the tax already paid in the previous tax link. So what is the export tax refund process for foreign trade companies? What materials do I need to submit? Export tax refund process 1.Export tax refund (exemption) tax filing First of all, you need to obtain the general taxpayer qualification for value-added tax. After obtaining the right to operate foreign trade and import and export rights of the customs, the enterprise can bring relevant materials to the tax bureau for export tax refund (exemption) tax filing according to the specific requirements of the tax bureau. 2.Export tax refund declaration (1) Export of goods (obtain customs declaration form for export goods) (2) Collect foreign exchange and obtain corresponding receipts (3) If it is a foreign trade enterprise, certification for special VAT invoices is also required (acquisition of special VAT invoices and certification within 360 days after the invoice is issued) 3.Data processing and reporting (1) Data entry After obtaining the export tax rebate declaration form and the input invoice and collecting the foreign exchange, you can enter the tax refund declaration data (export details, purchase details, summary declaration, printing declaration, generating declaration electronic data package) in the export tax declaration system. (2) Submit information Submit tax refund information to the tax bureau. If the paperless management company does not need to submit regular paper materials (except for special business), if it is a four-class export tax refund enterprise, it needs to submit the corresponding foreign exchange receipt to the tax bureau. 4. Audit by the tax bureau After the enterprise submits the documents, the tax bureau will review the export tax refund documents submitted by the enterprise after accepting the enterprise export tax refund declaration. The tax refund will be issued to the enterprise after the approval. Note: When a new enterprise declares its first export tax rebate, the competent tax rebate authority will conduct on-site verification and correspondence with the enterprise. 5. Receive tax refund Note: The new enterprise can complete the tax refund process after completing the first tax refund declaration and receiving the tax refund before proceeding to the next tax refund declaration. Attached materials for export tax refund 1. Customs declaration. The customs declaration form is a document filled by the import and export enterprise to the customs when the goods are imported or exported, so that the customs can complete the inspection and release. 2. Export sales invoices. This is a document filled out by the exporting company based on the sales contract signed with the export buyer. It is the main voucher for foreign purchases. It is also the basis for the accounting department of the exporting enterprise to use this bookkeeping book as the basis for sales revenue of exported products. 3. Purchase invoice. The purchase invoice is provided mainly to determine the supply unit, product name, measurement unit, quantity of the exported product, and whether it is the sales price of the manufacturing enterprise, so as to divide and calculate the purchase cost. 4. Settlement of water bills or foreign exchange receipts. 5. If the manufacturing enterprise directly exports or commissions the export of self-made products, if it is settled at the CIF , it should also be accompanied by the export goods waybill and export insurance policy. 6. Enterprises with the business of processing imported and re-exported products should also submit to the tax authority the contract number and date of imported materials and parts, the name and quantity of imported materials and parts, the name of the re-exported product, the cost of the imported materials and the amount Tax amount, etc. 7. Certificate of product taxation. 8. Certificate of export foreign exchange receipt has been written off 9. Other materials related to export tax rebates.

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