Foreign Trade Business Opportunities Focusing On Global Markets

When expanding our overseas business market, we often need to use some data analysis tools to select and determine our potential target market. Then such tools must be based on in-depth national and regional, global market data and other information to identify and provide us with new markets and new customers to expand and develop. Let ’s take a look at Google tools that focus on business opportunities in the global market. Go to the homepage of Google global market finder in Google search, you can see such a page called Think with Google. There is a sentence here, “Take your business to new markets”, which means to push your business to new markets. You can see that the focus is on business, market, and business opportunities. Friends of foreign trade who often use Google know that Google ’s main business is to place keyword advertisements on search engines. The data and business opportunities we focus on are all hope that we can see and uncover some potential opportunities behind the data, and then in turn, we are willing to vote for Google's keyword ads and to pay for promotion, etc. So how does this tool operate? What kind of content information will be provided? Let's first briefly test with a URL to see what data will be presented. Enter the website of Alibaba International Station: You can see some categories shown below, as shown above, including supply chain management, shopping portals and search engines, import and export, express shipping, etc. Among these four categories, select and determine the correct classification category related to our business and identify potential target markets. This tool will calculate and show which regions provide the best growth opportunities according to the selected category as an index for keyword search. For this category, we choose Import & Export. As shown in the screenshot above, you can see that it has data for several markets such as Peru, India, and Spain, including monthly cross-category search, Google Ads recommended bids, household disposable net income, and ease of doing business rankings. And the ranking of various countries and regions is displayed on the global map in descending colors. The above is for foreign trade friends like doing foreign trade business, but do not have their own website; or for foreign trade friends who have not established a website in SOHO, you can search with a website with relatively large traffic, and the category identified by the tool is relatively accurate. Of course, if we have our own website, we can also enter our own URL, or enter the URL of a peer company that has done a good job in the industry, try to use tools to identify potential markets, take a look at the market data recommended in the display, and find some useful Operational information. These are of great help to our foreign trade people.

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