Foreign Trade Development Mails Are Always Returned? How To Do?

The various bounced messages in the mailbox are either "suspected promotional emails" or "the recipient's server refused to connect for unknown reasons", "the recipient's operator believes that the recipient's account does not exist" ... I believe that many salesmen have a profound experience. Today we will analyze the causes and consequences of bounced letters!

The reason for being rejected

First, a "serious" development email, from our understanding of the needs of potential customers, to writing our company's products, services, advantages into emails and letters, and then sending it to customers through the mailbox server, during which "blocking levels", " Screening rules ", and finally" cross the ocean "to reach customers. Among them, we can find that foreign trade emails are returned, which can be classified into two major reasons: one is that the system returns the mail, and the other is that the customer actively returns the mail.

Let's take a look at the common emails that are returned by the system.

Problems are with the Mailbox server. Because domestic network nodes are different from foreign network nodes, the number of overseas nodes and coverage of some domestic servers are insufficient, resulting in mail being unreachable and being returned.

Some users often go abroad and frequently send some junk mails for marketing promotion. Foreign servers intercept and delete these junk mails and restrict some domestic servers and IP segments. Well, it’s a disaster, and it's a huge inconvenience for us users.

The collected email address is wrong / does not exist. Generally, we use Google search, yellow pages, B2B platforms, traditional exhibitions, customs data and other channels to find the mailbox of foreign trade customers, but we cannot further verify the accuracy and validity of the mailbox. Without a filtered e-mail address, direct email will inevitably lead to invalid bounces.


Then, let's talk about another more subjective reason: the customer actively returned the email.

We send emails to customers, and the main purpose is to develop customers. However, many salesmen often send a fixed style template and a single email content when sending group emails.

It hasn't been updated all year round, let alone customers get tired of it, you may feel tired yourself. Coupled with the fact that there is no customer classification, and whether it matches the needs of the customer or not, it is normal for this situation to be rejected.

Repeated marketing promotion emails are received, and customers are naturally annoyed. It is more common to set up some mail filtering rules. For example: if your email header contains blocked words and advertising words, such as price, quote, order, discount, etc., the server that receives the customer may bounce your email as spam.

The customer's corporate mailbox is mainly used for normal business transactions. Basically, the mailbox operator has certain restrictions on promotional mail and spam. If excessive marketing and homogeneous emails are sent to customer email addresses too frequently, the emails will also be returned or even blacklisted, which will affect subsequent normal email sending and receiving.

Of course, there is another very important reason for customers to take the initiative to return: the customer already has a stable and cooperative supplier, and does not consider replacing or adding suppliers for the time being; and the product you introduced by email has no product advantage compared to the existing supply chain And price competitiveness, or the price is too high, the price is not within the customer's expectations. Without outstanding products and price advantages, customers will not buy it.

How to reduce bounced letters?

The system bounces the mail is a better solution. Email bounces are usually returned by the system, indicating the reason for the bounce. For example: reply: User not found, User unknown, Mail quota exceeded, etc. At this time, we need to make corresponding adjustments to the mail server, sending method, or mail content based on the reason for the bounce, such as: changing a different mail server to Send mail; adjust the daily mail volume of the same mail server; control the size of the entire mail (including attachments) ... and resend.

Followed by the collected mailboxes, you can search, and others also can search. When e-mailing customers, there is nothing wrong with boasting, but you also blow others, repeating homogeneous content, it is difficult to attract customers. The content of our e-mail still has to win with product advantages and price competitiveness that match customer needs. One thing that needs special attention is to avoid sensitive words and use neutral words in the content of the email. For example, the title of the email can use the product name, customer company name, etc. Such phrases are generally not easily recognized by the system as sensitive words.

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