Google Search Customer Keyword Combination Method

Generally, when we use Google to search for customers, we mainly search through Google web pages, pictures, maps, etc. Commonly used are web page and image search, and maps are mostly used as auxiliary search. Now let's take a look what are the common methods of Google web search? Combined keywords The first is to combine keywords. Many B2B products made by foreign traders are mostly distribution customers. They use a single product word to search and find that the effect is not very satisfactory. At this time, use combined keywords to search for "wonderful effects." The hierarchical relationship of products / product categories needs to be considered here, which are mainly divided into three types: First, there is a progressive relationship between category words and product words used in combination search. For example, labor protection category + personal protective equipment; personal protective equipment + disposable protective clothing; personal protective equipment + disposable masks, etc. The second is that category words and product words are in a parallel relationship. The parallel relationship can also be simply understood as a product / product category at the same level. For example, disposable gloves + disposable clothes; disposable masks + disposable apron, etc. The third is that category words and product words are accompanying / symbiotic relationships, which can be simply understood as "brother" products that often appear at the same time. For example, cup + coaster; straw + cold drink cup, etc. Why do you need such a keyword combination? Because when we search for potential customers, we can see the classification structure of the operating products on the product page of their official website. Many times it is a big category product. The following is a detailed small category product, or on the company's profile, it will explain the product category of the operation. Through the hierarchical relationship of these category words and product words, many different keywords can be combined, which greatly expands the coverage of our keyword search. It is very important for us to tap out some potential high-quality customers. Customer type The Next is the customer type, which is divided into two cases, one is to use industry keywords, plus customer type or business model. For example, optoelectronics, lighting + wholesalers; optoelectronics, lighting + distribution, etc. The second is to use product category + customer type. For example, LED + distributor; LED + wholesale etc. We can understand the business positioning and business content of the company by observing the website of potential customers, including the industry market and product range. Applications In the actual application of the product, including the application category and application field of the product, generally they have different names. For example, paper cup, in the category of catering applications, is a disposable food supplies; in the restaurant application field, belongs to the restaurant supply. At the same time, we also need to consider the characteristics of the product/product category when searching. Because some product keywords, the description of the product at the same time, also contains some features of the product. Of course, basic Google web search requires us to determine the final search method and keyword combination according to different search purposes and needs.

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