Google Search Keywords + Filetype Instruction Usage

When using Google to search for customers, in addition to searching for the company's website pages, sometimes we need to find some specific content directories and information. It is helpful for us to study the products and industry markets of potential customers. So how do we search? Let's take an example of products such as LED lights. Search content page Enter LED lights in the Google search bar, then enter filetype after the search keyword, and plus the type of file you want to find. For example, you can clearly see that the file types found are all Word documents when you enter doc. Similarly, if you want to change the specified file type to an Excel table, just type xls. It can be seen that when the content we are looking for is a certain file type, the Google search engine will add the corresponding file type suffix after the URL. In the search results, we click to download an Excel table to take a look. As you can see in this table, there is some content information about led lignts, including product type, model, price, etc. Search content catalogs, industry information Using the filetype search command, in addition to finding some web pages, you can also find some content directories and industry information. Many of the content information on the company's website is stored in pdf file format. So when we search, we can use filetype + pdf to search. As shown in the figure, after entering the search command, a lot of PDF files appeared in the search results. Open one and take a look: You can see that the PDF file is content information related to LED lights. In addition, if we want to study the popular product types, specifications or general models on the market, we can search for companies that do these products and businesses in the industry market through the filetype search command, and then find their product catalog to view the specific products. Whether the specifications match their own products. It can also help you learn more market information. Combined keywords and instructions If we want to find the industry information of a country's website, we can use combined keywords and search instructions to limit the country domain name and find the document information related to the product keyword. The input search keyword LED lights filetype: pdf site: us, the sites in the search results are all American sites ending with .us, and the searched file types are all PDF files. The PDF files of these websites can help us collect some products and market information of trading countries. This is a combination of two search commands, filetype and site, to limit the type of documents displayed in the search results. It must be noted that if the product keywords are greater than or equal to three strings, it is best to add double quotes in English to match the search results. Combined domain names and instructions We combine the site instructions to find the site's product catalog and content guide files. First, use the site command to limit the search scope to the domain name of the website, for example, enter, so that the scope of our search is all on the website page. Next, use the filetype command to determine the type of file you are looking for, for example, enter filetype: pdf. In this way, we get the matching search results. In addition, you can also combine more keywords to search, for example, catalog, content guide, etc. In addition, information such as some information of exhibition and exhibitor directories is generally stored in the form of PDF files. So when we search, we can also find keywords in this area. How to use it depends on the needs of the actual foreign trade work, combining different industry words, product keywords, and search instructions to search for the results we want and obtain more information.

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