Google Search Keywords + Site Command Usage

In the process of using Google search, we often use some search instructions to limit the scope of search results and query specific types of domain name websites. How do we search usually? Let's search using a product keyword, enter LED lights, and the page displays some search results as follows. The web pages displayed in the search results are the results of searching from the Google database by matching the keywords we entered. The further back the search results are, the worse the correlation is. We call it pan search when enter a single product keyword search method. The search results cover a large range and cover a lot of content. The search results include a lot of different websites and product types. It is really strenuous to click to view one by one page. At this time, we need to add search instructions to the search keywords to limit our search range and achieve accurate matching. Among them, the site command is one of our commonly used search commands. How is it used? What is the role? Let's take a look! Limited website domain name type First, what is the type of website domain name? For example, some organizations' website domain name suffix is ​​.org; business type website domain name suffix is ​​.com; country domain name is .cn, .us, etc. Using the site directive can help us limit the scope of search results and find websites with these specific domain names. Enter the search keyword Stuffed toys site: cn. As shown in the screenshot above, you can see that among the found webpages, all website domain names end with the .cn suffix, which are all Chinese website pages. Similarly, if you want to find websites in other countries, enter and replace the domain name suffix of the website in the corresponding country. The search result shows the domain name suffix of the corresponding country and contains the keyword website of Stuffed toys. By analogy, if we are looking for some government websites, we can also use the site directive to qualify. Enter Stuffed toys site: gov to find the corresponding government type website. Of course, this method of restricting website suffixes can help us quickly find the desired website, but it cannot find all websites from a certain country. Why? Because companies in any country can use domain name suffixes such as .us; .uk; .de, etc., and they can also directly use .com to register domain names. Therefore, adding site instructions to search keywords only narrows the search scope and can help us quickly find specific types of domain names. If you want to search all the websites in a country, you can directly use Google's advanced search function to select the target area to search. Query the volume of sites included Using product keyword search, I found some overseas big business and supermarket websites, operating more types of products. At this time, how do we see how many pages of this website are included by Google? We can use the site command + domain name to query the situation that the target website page is included by the Google search engine. Let's use a German website domain name to search and try! Enter site: to search. You can see that there are 13,000 search results, including many channels under the site, as well as the content of the web pages in each channel. Specific search scope Generally speaking, the primary domain name of a website is unique, and there is only one. However, there can be multiple second-level domain names, for example, www .; blog. Etc. When we query, we separately query the primary domain name and the second-level domain name of the target website, and the corresponding Google collections are different. The volume of primary domain names must be greater than that of second-level domain names. When we use the site command plus domain name search, we will find that the search scope is under this domain name, and the displayed search result pages are also under this website domain name. In other words, through the site command, we can limit the search scope to a specific website domain name. For example, enter site:, we can see all the pages included in the site by Google. In addition, you can also combine keywords to search, add contact in the back, you can quickly retrieve the contact page of the corresponding website. As shown: At this time, the role of site is to help us limit the search scope of keywords to the domain name of this website, and find the included pages from the domain name from Google's database. If you add different keywords to search, we can also find web results that match more closely.

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