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Basic profile of Honduras Honduras, located in the north of Central America, mainly exports coffee, bananas, palm oil, shrimp, sugar and other crops as well as zinc, lead, silver and other minerals. It mainly imports machinery, electronic equipment, chemical products, fuel, lubricating oil, industrial products and food, and the main source countries of imports are the United States, the European Union, Central American countries and Japan. China mainly exports plastic products, chemical products, cotton textiles and aluminum to Honduras, also imports coffee and textiles. Honduran customs data from the Foreign Trade State are derived from the original bill of lading data of the local customs authorities and are available for online inquiries. Honduras Data Description Honduras customs data are every maritime transaction between Honduras and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. The Honduran data for the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2015, with 360,000 original bill of lading transactions available online, including 3,847 buyers and 2,218 suppliers. Import and export data have been discontinued due to local customs policy provisions in Honduras, and local customs historical data are now retained online, with a date of 1 December 2015. import data export data 1. Provide a detailed description of the goods, and the using language is Spanish. 2. The company information, including the company name and address, is available in the records of each transaction. 3. Provide the information of the notifying person, that is, the goods arrived in Hong Kong, notify the importer of the goods for customs declaration of the bill of lading procedures of the party, including the name of the company, address. 4.Show the weight of the goods traded, quantity and container number and other packaging information. 5. Provide the country of origin and detailed port information, including the port of departure, unloading port, as well as shipping companies.

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