How Can Foreign Trade Companies Optimize Their Website's Search Matching And Natural Ranking?

In Google's indexing mechanism for search keywords, the title tag of a web page can be said to be very important. It is one of the indicators that affects whether your website's page ranking can be high. It is also the content that our foreign trade enterprises and foreign trade SOHO should pay special attention to optimization. Why do we say that? Why should we optimize the title tag of the webpage? Let's compare two simple examples. First find two websites of companies that make LED products in Google, and look at the title tag in the source code of the web page. We can see that the first company only puts a keyword such as the company name in the title tag; the title tag of the second company contains keywords such as product type, commodity supplies, company type, and country of the company. In contrast, the second company is better than the first company at including website titles and SEO optimization. Why do we say that? On the one hand, according to your own search habits, the same potential customers rarely search your company name directly when searching. Most search users are directly searching for products, product categories or specific industries + role positioning. For example, led lights, medical equipment manufacturers, toy factories, etc. If you only put the keyword company name, many customers can't search your website page at all, because this title tag, that is, the title of the page, there is no content that matches the customer's search keyword. On the other hand, in the mechanism of the search engine, the content of the title of the web page is one of the factors that affect the ranking of the web page. Reasonable use and optimization of the title tag of the web page can improve the probability of user’s search for us and the ranking of the search results. How to fill in the title tag of the webpage? Let's take a look at the title tag of the website of this company's website below. It can be seen that the web page title tag of this website is composed of two parts. The first part is the front part of the Company of Commercial LED Lights, which describes the main products and types of the Company. The following LED Track Light Manufacturer (LED Track Light Manufacturer) describes the company's role positioning. Instead of repeating the previous search keyword, the website changes the keyword of a Manufacturer to enhance the company's role positioning. In addition, it contains product keywords such as LED Track Light Manufacturer. According to the method of filling in the title tag of the web page of this website, assuming that the search keywords entered by the customer are LED Track Light, LED Lights Manufacturer, LED Lights Company, etc., all pages of this website may be found. Here is one thing to explain. Although the weight of the title tag of the webpage is relatively large, which affects the matching and ranking of the webpage in the Google index, it does not represent everything. The index process also includes other influencing factors and indicators. Let's look at the title tag of another company's website. You can see that the title contains a lot of keywords, such as product category, brand name, role positioning, and we can find that the keyword LED lighting is repeated in it. This is not a simple pile-up behavior, but a very clever optimization method of the company's website. For example, when we go to search, the keywords that appear twice in the title are generally repeated. The Google search engine will think that this page has a higher degree of matching and better meets the user's search criteria, thereby improving your title ranking index. In contrast, your web page is more likely to be indexed. There are also some webpage title tags that will add a small category of products in front, as shown below: It can be seen that the title tag of this website is filled with many small categories of keywords, including LED downlight, LED bulb, LED bar, LED floodlight, etc., followed by the trade area of this website. There are a lot of keywords in the title tag of this page. When customers search LED Lights, they are more likely to find this page than those who just write the company's name. Through the above examples, I believe you have also realized that the page title tag’s filling problem is very important. So how do you fill it out? You can search Google to see in our industry, the index results of the top peer companies are how to fill the page title tag, we can learn from. Of course, this is the filling and optimization of web page title tags mentioned above. Another part is that after we understand the composition and filling method of title tags on these companies' websites, we can actually use the keywords in title tags to help us search for matching potential customers. Search for matching potential customer For example, we want to find the manufacturer of LED lighting, first enter LED lighting Manufacturer to search. The results of the searched pages found that they included companies from many countries. Suppose we are only looking for a manufacturer of led lighting in China, and add china to search. We can see that in the search results, the title of the webpage also contains the keywords of led lighting, Manufacturer, and china, and the websites that match accurately are ranked first.We clicked on one of the pages to see its source code. The webpage source code contains keywords such as LED Lighting Manufacturer, Wholesale LED Lights, Industrial Commercial Lighting Suppliers in China, etc. We all know that Google's search keywords entered by the user are actually only identifying the strings, not the meaning of the words, so we can see that the entered keyword strings appear in the title. Looking at the title tag of the webpage, we found that almost all of the matching keyword strings are inside, and some characters are repeated. At this time, the matching degree of the web page title and the search keywords is very high. So we can search for matching potential customers in this way. Here, it is recommended that when you fill in the title tag of the web page, the main product is placed in front, followed by the large category name of the product, and pay attention to the keyword repetition frequency and character matching issues. If the main market is the Japanese market or the Latin American market, it may also be appropriate to put keywords in Japanese and Spanish to improve the matching of keyword searches and web page titles. In short, we must pay attention to the content filling and display of the title page of the web page, as much as possible to improve the probability and matching of our website indexed, and better attract potential target customers.

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