How Does The Export Drawback Income Of Production Enterprise Calculate?

After understanding the concept of "exemption, credit and refund" tax refund method of production-oriented enterprises, how should we calculate the tax refund income of production-oriented enterprises in the actual export business?

Tax credit exemption

Suppose a self-exporting production enterprise buys a batch of raw materials and obtains a special VAT invoice from the raw material manufacturer, the input tax amount is 500,000 yuan, of which the FOB price of the exported goods is 400,000 U.S. dollars (1 USD-7CNY), the tax rate is 17%, and the tax refund rate is 13%. At the same time, the production enterprise's domestic sales value-added tax of 300,000 yuan, the end of last month's retention tax credit of 100,000 yuan.

From this example, let's calculate the credit refund for this month' of the production enterprise. First of all, because there is a difference between the 17% tax on export goods and the 13% tax refund, the difference between the national government is unable to return to the enterprise, the calculation formula: 40 x 7 x 4% x 112,000 yuan, this part belongs to the current tax exemption and tax deduction.

Then there is the current tax payable by the enterprise, the domestic sales value-added tax payable by the enterprise in the current period, less the input value-added tax deductible for the current period, and the amount of tax that is not deductible in the current period. At this point, if there is no tax credit at the end of the previous month, this calculation is over; if there is one, subtract the amount of tax in this section, the formula: 30-(50-11.2)-10-188,000 yuan. We can see that the calculated taxable amount for the current period is negative, indicating that the enterprise's input tax amount for the purchase of raw materials this month is larger than the amount of the domestic sales tax, the input tax amount is not deducted, and retains the amount of tax retained at the end of the current period, and the amount of tax retained at the end of the current period is 188,000 yuan.

Finally, let's take another look at the current tax credit for the enterprise, which is equal to the FOB sales income of the exported goods. Calculating formula: 40 x 7 x 13% x 364,000 yuan. After the calculation, the current credit tax refund and the end of the period of the residual tax amount are compared, found that the end of the period of the residual tax amount is less than the credit tax refund. So the national government should refund the tax credit to the business at the end of the current period. That is to say, the final tax refund income of the production enterprise is 188,000 yuan.

The above example is the general trade-type production enterprises tax rebate, and some enterprises are doing feed processing, and then re-export products. How is the export tax rebate income of such production enterprises (including feed processing) calculated?

Feed processing and re-export

Because of the existence of feed processing, feed processing export enterprises in the calculation of credit-deductible time is not the same. China is implementing import materials to reduce import duties and value-added tax. In the feed processing enterprise in the import of materials, is exempt from customs duties and value-added tax. But if the enterprise is finished processing, the product is not re-exported, then it needs to supplement this part of the customs duties and value-added tax.

At the same time, the state exempts the enterprises from the VAT on the input, and gives a part of the discount to the processing enterprises of the imported materials to offset the difference between the domestic sales tax and the input tax. Here the business needs to calculate an exemption and a tax credit. It is calculated according to the difference between the tax rate and the tax rebate rate. Because the import and export processing enterprises have the existence of the amount of deduction, therefore, enterprises in the calculation of the tax credit and credit tax rebate not be exempted and deductible tax, are to deduct the corresponding deduction.

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