How To Check The Port Statistics Of Foreign Trade Companies

Through the port statistics section of the foreign trade company, users can quickly check all the incoming and outgoing cargo ports of the target company, analyze the regional distribution of trade through the port directory and trade data, optimize the trade port routes, and develop new regional markets. What information can port statistics provide us? Geographical distribution of the company We can look at all the company's incoming and outgoing ports, and by the distribution of the main ports, we can roughly infer the geographical distribution of this company. For example: the company mainly uses East Coast ports such as New York and Charleston to transport goods, then the company's approximate geographical location is on the east coast of North America; similarly, it mainly uses West Coast ports such as Houston and Los Angeles, and the corresponding company is located in the north West coast of the Americas. With this, we can roughly analyze the company's trade market distribution. Cargo shipping routes By analyzing the ports used by the company, we can determine the several shipping routes that this company mainly uses. When negotiating cooperation, we can choose routes with short distances and high demand, optimize logistics and transportation, and greatly reduce our transportation costs. Origin of main raw materials The place of production and sales is generally selected near the place where the main raw materials are produced. The area where the ports are distributed can roughly determine the place where the company's main raw materials are produced. Many companies will set up product processing plants and trade markets near the origin of raw materials, which can save a lot of transportation costs when importing and exporting goods. Freight forwarding cooperation By looking at the statistics of the port statistics, the freight forwarding company can select the target companies with the same transportation route and own routes from the dimension of the port. Sort by cargo volume and product classification, select high-quality target companies, and create sales lists.

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