How To Check The Regional Distribution Of Procurement Of Foreign Trade Companies

Users can directly check all the trading areas of the target company through the trade area module of the foreign trade company, while analyzing the market area distribution, adjust marketing strategies and increase the market share of high-quality products. Master the regional distribution of procurement and supply of foreign trade companies, assist you to adjust marketing strategies, and focus on developing high-quality markets. The company's trade area directory, transaction volume, proportion, and transaction details are aggregated statistical data. Based on all current transaction records of the company, the aggregated statistics are based on the country of purchase and supply. We analyze the number of transactions and the proportion of transactions between the two parties of the transaction through the transaction records of the target company in different trading regions, preliminarily grasp the market distribution of the target company, find the main trading regions and product types of the target company to assist in timely adjustment of product marketing Strategies, and discover unknown emerging markets.

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