How To Choose Good Products Category In Doing Foreign Trade?

Last time we said that Google trends reflect the attention of potential consumers of the terminal, positive impact on the volume of trade. For B2C products, search volume and trade volume is a certain link, the focus on high heat to a certain extent stimulate the demand of search engine users, and promote the purchase of these terminal consumer groups. In fact, a large part of the search volume is the terminal potential consumer, although there are B2B buyers who will go to Google search, but the proportion is relatively small. So what does Google trends do for B2B? For foreign trade companies with a wide range of products, most of the salesmen will not consider whether they should put their energy, time and resources into a certain tilt, focusing on a certain type of products or developing a certain aspect of business after they enter the company. Most of the products made by the company. You will look for customers in this area. You will do what the customer wants. There is no your own judgment on the business focus, and there is no meticulous classification of products. You feel it is fine that as long as you accumulate customers, maintain old customers, make some return orders, and then develop some new customers. In fact, in some categories of products below, there will be some different categories of products. For example, under the disposable supplies category, there are two main categories, one is disposable gloves and the other is disposable wear. And for disposable gloves according to the material classification, there are several different products, such as, PE film gloves, latex gloves, butyl gloves, etc.; in these two different product categories, do you choose the business focusing on the gloves above the category to do, or choose the product category with more miscellaneous wear to do? We compare it with this Google trends. Although Google trends embodies the attention of potential end consumers, it also reflects to a certain extent which types of products are more concerned in the market and their potential sales are higher. From the above screenshots, it is clear that the attention and heat of disposable gloves is higher than that of disposable wearables, and the curve is a trend of continuous upward movement. Among them, the search for disposable masks has risen sharply this year, far exceeding the other two types of products. Below can also get different product categories, related keywords and heat region information. When I chat with salesman, I found that he actually do business on disposable gloves are indeed very large annual procurement volume; which means that this demand is also reflected in heat to a certain extent. So, for B2B, Google trends is used to conduct product search heat analysis to determine whether your business focus is on high-demand, high-heat product categories, For example, in the figure above, we should choose to make disposable gloves or choose disposable wearable products as the main products to carry out business work, or under the category of gloves, film gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, deciding which kind of material do we want to make gloves. In other words, although there may be a lot of products in the company, we have to pick the most to promote my performance growth of this part of the product category to do. When choosing a product, how to choose a good and suitable product category, this tool will help us do.

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