How To Collect Email Contact Information Of Foreign Trade Companies

Many users have struggled to find and verify that a company is his target customer, but they have no way to contact them, and they have no way to contact the development customer. Some of the customs data provided by Foreign Trade Network has contact information, but there are still many companies without contact information. In order to better solve this problem and help users save time and improve work efficiency, mailbox collection version 2.0 was born. The following introduces the new version of mailbox collection 2.0. Collect mailboxes mainly from 2 channels: LinkedIn and the entire network. The whole network data refers to relevant mailboxes appearing on the Internet and can be mined.

Collection steps and processes:

1. Confirm the start of collection;

2. Collection URL: collect relevant URLs from the entire network or customs data;

3. Screening URL: Screen the company's official website or the relevant website of the mall;

4. Collecting mailboxes: Collecting mailboxes from LinkedIn and the entire network;

5. Mailbox list: The list displays the collected mailboxes.

Mailbox collection is not only for companies without contact information, but companies with related parties can also dig more contact information, and the collected mailboxes can also be exported in batches. In this way, you can quickly find a matching company mailbox and improve work efficiency.

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