How To Cooperate With An Agent Company For Foreign Trade Export?

In the foreign trade export business, if you are an individual SOHO or a company that does not have the right to export, when you actually operate the business, you often need to entrust other foreign trade enterprises to handle the export for you. Let's take a look at the cooperation process and precautions of this trade method together.

The general process of agent export

Sign export agreement

After finding an agency company, you first need to determine some specific cooperation details with the company and sign an export agency agreement. Here, there is not much difference between the individual SOHO export agency and the enterprise export agency. Then the agency agreement is generally a common format, including the contents of the agreement that specifies the basic obligations of the two parties, the form of export of the agency, and the cost of exporting subordinates.

The agent company is responsible for customs declaration, inspection, preparation of documents, foreign exchange settlement and other work, the general export agent in the form of the purchase price, agent fees and other two or three forms, including advance payment of tax refund, no advance payment of T/T settlement; L/C settlement of advance payment, etc. After signing the export agency agreement, we need to make such informal reference invoices as form invoice, on which we need to fill in the USD remittance path and the name of the payee, so we need to contact the customer to obtain the USD account information of the agency company.

Next, according to the foreign exchange account number and other company information provided to you by the agent, make a PI or SC and send it to foreign customers. You can ask the customer to directly remit the payment to the account of the agent company or to your offshore account, and then you can remit to the account of the agent company. The aim is to keep foreign clients away from their agents and protect their information.

Foreign exchange collection, settlement and prepayment

After receiving the advance payment in US dollars, the foreign trade agency needs to pay the RMB advance payment according to the instructions of the entrusting party, and at the same time, it signs a good contract to the factory, stipulates the delivery time, the packaging requirements of the goods, and the description requirements of the marks. The client can contact the manufacturer directly to obtain this information, or the agency company can draft a purchase contract.

Arrange production and shipment declaration

The agency first agreed with the factory on the payment time and payment method. After receiving the foreign exchange received in advance from the foreign customer, the agent transferred the advance payment to the billing factory. Later, after receiving the purchase order, the factory began to arrange the production and commodity inspection of the product.

After the production is completed, it is the customs declaration link before shipment. After confirming the delivery date, the entrusting party and the factory provide the customs declaration data to the agency company. The agency company will make customs declaration documents, including invoices, packing slips, contracts, etc., to find the freight forwarding declaration designated by the principal, or use the freight forwarding declaration of the agency.

Issuing VAT invoices

Next, the agent will provide the factory with a VAT invoice instruction based on the customs declaration documents. According to the requirements of the instructions, the factory issues an invoice and sends it to the agency. After receiving the value-added tax invoice issued by the factory, the agent will pay the goods and expenses to the supplier according to the original payment method.

Payment of goods and profit

At this time, basically all costs have been incurred. The latter is the agency company doing order reconciliation, profit accounting and tax refund declaration. Check the relevant payment of the order with the entrusting party, minus the various expenses prepaid by the agency company, and finally the remaining profit is sent to the entrusting party.

Declare tax refund and transfer

Since tax refunds are cyclical, general agency companies will first settle profits other than tax refunds to the client. Then take the customs declaration tax refund coupon sent by the freight forwarder to declare the tax refund. After the tax refund is made, then call the consignor, and the agency order is considered being completed.

The above is the general process of foreign trade agency export. Of course, there are some common problems and precautions in this entire process, and we need to understand.

Considerations in the process

1. The header of the tax increase invoice issued by the factory must be the agency company, and the information on the invoice must be consistent with the customs declaration form, otherwise it is difficult to refund the tax.

2. For an agency company with standardized accounting and sound financial system, 6% of personal income tax may be deducted when paying the profit of the entrusting party.

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