How To Create An Industry Analysis Report

It can not only view detailed original customs bills of lading, but also understand market trends, purchasing regions, trading company directory and more.

First of all, the original customs data is very different from the customs data on the company details page. The original customs data contains richer and more complete fields, including logistics, products, prices, containers, contacts, ports, and more. The original bill of lading of Russia and Ukraine is Russian, the original bill of lading of Vietnam is Vietnamese, the language of South American countries is Spanish, and the other is English, you need to enter the corresponding local language when inquiring; Try to use HS code to search and search results are more accurate.

After having a basic understanding of the original bill of lading, let's take a look at its functions. At present, the industry report provides search by country + product name or HS code. You can view the following information in the search results:

Original bill of lading: you can fully understand the information including logistics, products, prices, containers, contacts, ports and so on.

Industry analysis: insight into market changes through data on market transactions, purchases, weights, and amounts.

Purchasing area: The ranking of global supply areas is clear at a glance, including the number of transactions, quantity, weight, and amount.

Port statistics: Understand the number of transactions, the number of imports and exports, the weight, and the amount of each port (customs area).

Price analysis: You can pay attention to the price changes of the product market in a timely manner.

Trading companies: View the rankings of import and export companies, and visually analyze the number, quantity, and amount of transactions by companies in various countries. Click on the company name to view the company's transaction details.

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