How To Find Long-Tail Keywords Suitable For Export Products?

After determining the keywords needed for their own products, foreign trade companies need to expand and extend high-quality long-tail keywords in many product display and business promotion environments, for example, publishing some products on the B2B platform, upload product pages, promotional pages, etc. in the enterprise English websites. So let's take a look what methods can help us find product-related extension words? Firstly, from the perspective of their own products. Product texture, features, functions Enterprises can use the texture, characteristics, and functions of products to form extended long-tail keywords. For example, Indoor wall-mounted air conditioner; New material PE glove; 100M wireless broadband router. It can be seen that the main keywords in these long-tail keywords are air conditioner, PE glove, broadband router, and the corresponding other auxiliary keywords are long tail words expanded and extended by the product’s material texture, characteristics, functional parameters, etc. Product application areas and regions Assuming that the product of the enterprise is a lighting product used in some industrial sites for trial, the extended long tail word can be Industrial light. Correspondingly, civilian products can add Residential to the extended long-tail words. And like some more specific use scenarios, such as medical equipment, some products will be described as medical, and some are applied to more specific fields, such as, orthopedics, dermatology, etc., different application fields can extend many different long tail keywords. In addition, it is to add the region to the keywords of the product, for example, add China; or add the name of the region where the product is concentrated. Professional buyer customers can immediately determine that the product company may be a manufacturer. Equivalently, the advantages of enterprise products can be reflected in the long-tail keywords, which is a more direct way to catch the eyes of foreigners. Product brand name and model If the company has achieved a brand effect after it has developed to a certain extent, it is possible to add some brand names to the long-tail keywords, or if the company is supporting products for internationally renowned brand products, you can also add the brand name and corresponding products model parameters, for example, Nokia Mobile Phone; Iphone6 ​​USB Adaptor, etc. Secondly, it starts from the aspects of the company’s role positioning, service and marketing. Enterprise’s role in supply chain For example, if an enterprise is exporting toy products and selling them at a wholesale price, the extended long-tail words can be added with toy wholesale or toy wholesaler. The buyer will know at a glance that the enterprise can do toy wholesale. By analogy, there are many kinds of supply chain relationships, and there are many long tail words that can be extended, for example: xxx export, xxx manufacturer and so on. The service mode of the enterprise Extend the long-tail keywords according to the company's service model. For example, the company's business is to develop, customize or solve a certain product. You can add some extended words on the basis of your own product words. For example, for LED products, the extended long-tail keywords can be LED developing, LED customizing, LED lighting solution and so on. The enterprise's marketing model What keywords we use depends on the main market and customer groups. For example, the main market for products made by enterprises is in countries such as India and Pakistan. These countries are famous for bargaining. Then products with low prices or products with large discounts may be more likely to attract the attention of these potential customers. At this time, it is no problem to use the words Cheap and discount; but if the main customer group is high-end customers in Europe and America, using these words may make the other party think that this is a low-cost, inferior product.Such long-tail keywords may not work well.

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