How To Follow Up The Foreign Trade Customers Reasonably?

In the process of developing and following up customers, these situations often occur. The customer has been followed up and most of the time is spent on maintaining the customer, but the time for developing the customer is very less. The customer has cooperated with competitors; when did I contact this customer, would it be irritating to contact the customer now? …... Reasonable customer follow-up management is the basic ability that every salesperson needs to have. It directly affects whether we use customs data, Google and other channels to develop customers to continue to be effective, whether the effect is amplified ... etc. What are the secrets of winning in these "tugging wars" of customer development and customer communication? Just a few tables below! (The data in the table is for reference format only) Customer Source Summary Table At this stage, competition for similar products is intensifying, while the cycle of developing new customers is getting longer and more expensive, it has also spawned many customer development channels, such as: Ali International Station, B2B platform, customs data, industry exhibitions, Google and SNS / EDM marketing, etc. When using these customer development channels, we need to make records for some potential customer information we have found, such as searching for customers in customs data, and finding that customers who match the product and have the right volume needing to record the search results. And then in the subsequent development process, fill in more company information and transaction data. Then we must have a summary table of customer sources as a data support and data reserve for our development customers. According to some sources of customers, use Excel spreadsheet tool to make a classified record. The following table style is: We can add a link to Sheet 1 below to link to a more detailed data label table. As shown in the figure above, the refinement labels include product keywords, company names, web addresses, email addresses, countries, related products, contacts, notes, etc. used in the search. If you want to develop a market in a certain language, we can also add this label separately, such as: product names in Western and Russian, and make corresponding classification records. Another example is a single product keyword, South American market and other categories; other search methods can be placed in a separate table to distinguish. Customer Business Tracking Form The customer tracking business table is used to record the customer's information and some transaction details. It was also mentioned that the background investigation of the customer should be done before development, and it is divided according to different product categories, company information, customer sources, contact information and other categories. Such as customer type, business scope, price sensitivity, etc. Of course, in addition to making investigation records before development, customers' follow-up must also be prepared for continuous follow-up, for example, records of development progress records, contact dates, contact times, and so on. Follow-up details Record the follow-up situation, including establishing communication with customers, when did they contact? What are the customer concerns? Wait, even the transaction and order process need to be followed up in a timely manner. Whether it is to establish contact with customers, provide solutions, or to reach cooperation with customers, or to facilitate orders, several customers? OK! What about hundreds of potential customers? After you have accumulated more customer resources, how do you go about systematically combing and maintaining reasonable customer follow-up management? This is critical. The above-mentioned are customer source summary table, customer business tracking table, and follow-up details table. Different forms can record different development progress and follow-up situations, which is convenient for us to grasp the development effect of different customer source channels.

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