How To Use Company Suffix Name To Search For Potential Customers?

When we use Google to search for customers, we often see different company suffix names on the search results page, and the countries to which various company suffix names belong have certain rules and differences.

For example, we want to purchase a batch of led products. After some channel cooperation and market research, we found that many suppliers and origins of led products are from Shenzhen. Here, everyone knows that Chinese companies generally use co.,ltd (limited company) as the company name suffix. Then when we search, we can enter Shenzhen*led products co.,ltd to search. (Among them, the * sign refers to anything in the middle.)

You can see a lot of Shenzhen companies doing LED products in the search results. Many times, we search for matching customers, and the keyword used is also the company name, where the qualification is the company name.

What if you want to search for companies from other trading countries? For example, in the United States, in addition to the specific keywords we want to find, we must add a suffix with obvious characteristics, for example,company name suffix.

So how do we get the accurate company name suffix for American companies? There are two ways to find the suffix names of different countries: one is to search for "national company name suffixes" in Baidu Library, so that we have found some company name suffixes in various countries.

Before, I also compiled an Excel table of company types and corresponding suffix names in various countries, which can be viewed in "Alternative Search Method—Company Suffix Name"!

You can see that the company name suffixes commonly used by American companies are Inc. and LLC. Of course, the results shown in the data are not necessarily very accurate, and we need to verify this search result in the next step. How to verify it? Here, you can use the Google search engine to verify, which is the second method.

The second is to enter the list of companies United States in Google.

By searching in this way, we can find a lot of local company directory and business directory information. Click on one of them,

we found many American companies whose names end with the suffix

We can search for company name suffixes of other countries in this way, and find and verify based on the actual company name.

Through the above method, we know the US company name suffix, commonly used Inc. and LLC, then the next step is to combine our products to search. Suppose you are a toy product, and you want to find some companies that make toy products in the United States, you can first enter toy Inc. to search.

Look at the search results and find that there are domain names of other countries in the search results. Obviously the accuracy of this search keyword is not enough, we need to optimize the keyword. At this time, considering that some corporate websites often put keywords in the title bar of the web page, you can use Google commands to limit the search criteria, for example,enter intitle: "toy Inc".

You can see the search product keywords appear in the web search bar, indicating that the search accuracy is higher. So what if you want to be more precise? There are two methods. One is to search for United States after searching keywords.

As shown in the screenshot above, it will find the results of filtering out the web page that also contains the keyword United States.

The second is to set the location of the website to publish web pages in advanced search, and limit the search area to the United States to narrow the search results.

After finding the suffix of company names in a certain country, we can combine various industry words and product words to find matching companies. As another example, find a British company as a company website for lighting equipment. British companies generally end with PLC. Similarly, we use the method mentioned above to verify, enter list of companies uk, and found that most of the British companies are suffixed with PLC as the company name.

Then, in the same way, we enter intitle: "lighting plc" to find a company in the UK that does lighting products.

It can be seen that in this way, the search results directly bypass some B2B platforms and some business directories, and the search results will be more accurate. Of course, we are looking for a large category of lighting equipment. The refined products under the category also need to be combined with product keywords for further search and filtering according to their specific product categories.

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