Import-export data for Market Analysis

International trade is the sale and purchase of products across national borders. Various factors influence imports and export in a country. These factors include inflation and the country’s exchange rate, the productivity of the workers, quality of the commodity produced, the effectiveness of the domestic company in marketing a commodity in the international market, the GDP levels domestically and internationally, and trade restrictions in the internationally. Export-import data helps to analyze how different factors influence the import or exports of a commodity.

Export import data contains a record of shipments leaving and arriving in a country. Our experts collect the raw data from various sources including the customs department, port authorities (seaport, airport, and land port), logistic companies, trade associations, etc. It contains the following information:-

• Date of shipment

• Exporting company and address

• Importing company and address

• HS Code and HS Product

• Country of origin and port of origin

• Destination country and destination port

• Quantity and Unit Quantity

• Price and total price

• Transport

Market analysis is the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the market. Import-export data helps importers and exporters to determine the market size in terms of volume and prices. The analysis helps to identify the top commodities imported or exported for the country. The export-import data helps exporters and importers select the ideal trading partner after examining the data. The traders can find new markets to sell or buy their commodities. The analysis could help international traders find new business leads. Other businesses use the database to study and understand the competitive and complicated import-export business.

Indian import data recorded imports of 41.99 billion USD in January 2021. The imports were boosted by the purchase of gold. The imports of oil, transport equipment, fertilizers, crude, and manufactured were down. The total import from April 2020 to January 2021 was 300.26 billion USD.

According to the Indian import data, the top imported commodities were:-

• Mineral oil

• Jewelry

• Electrical machinery

• Mechanical machinery

• Organic chemicals

Indian export data showed total exports of 27.45 billion USD in January 2021. Export of commodities like other cereals, oil meals, iron ore, cereal preparation, and rice showed an increase. While the export of commodities likes petroleum products slumped. The total exports from April 2020 to January 2021 were 228.25 billion USD.

Indian export data showed that the top exported commodities in India are:-

• Jewelry

• Mineral oil

• Vehicles and accessories

• Mechanical appliances

• Pharma products.

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