Kazakhstan Customs Data

Basic profile of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is located in the interior of Central Asia, east of China. The main imports are machinery, equipment, transportation, instruments, chemical products, mineral products, metals and their products, animal and plant products and finished grains. The main importers are Russia, China and Ukraine. Among them, China is Kazakhstan's second largest export market and the largest source of imports, while Kazakhstan is China's largest trading partner in Central Asia and the largest target country for foreign investment in Eurasian region. The customs data of Kazakhstan in the foreign trade state provides online inquiries and updates the data every two months for the bill of Lading data and bill of clearance data. Kazakhstan Data Description Kazakhstan customs data are every maritime transaction of the country, region and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. Kazakhstan's customs data from the Foreign Trade State began to be updated on March 31, 2017 and has so far provided 3.79 million import and export transactions, including 45,211 buyers and 4,430 suppliers. Customs data for Kazakhstan are updated every two months. (Latest update, see data update table) import data export data 1. Each order has a 10-bit HS code used in local customs clearance in Kazakhstan. 2. Provide a detailed description of the goods traded, using the language for Russian. 3. Import and export data are provided with detailed company information, including company name, code, and address. 4. Provide the volume and price information of the transaction, including the quantity, weight and transaction amount of the goods, and the transaction currencies are USD and KZT. 5.Display cargo shipment information, including the country of destination, country of origin, the country of original transportation. In addition, the customs system and terms of trade and other transaction information are also provided.

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