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Basic profile of South Korea South Korea, located in the southern half of the Korean peninsula in east Asia, is surrounded by the sea on three sides: east, south and west. It has economic and trade relations with more than 180 countries and regions in the world, of which China, the United States and Japan are the three major trading partners of South Korea. Among them, China is South Korea's largest trading partner, the largest export market and the largest source country of imports. The main imported products are crude oil, coal, semiconductors, raw cotton, natural gas, logs, steel plates, and communication equipment. The Korean customs data of the foreign trade state is the first-hand original customs data obtained directly from the local customs. It records every transaction imported by the importer in the South Korea from the world and provides online inquiry. Korea data description The Korean customs data of the foreign trade state began to be updated in 2007, providing detailed records of each transaction of local foreign trade companies, and accumulated 18.26 million imported original customs data online, including 57297 local Korean buyers. Korean customs data has been stopped due to Korean local customs policies and other reasons. The historical data of Korea Customs, which is currently kept online, stays on August 1, 2014. 1. The 6-digit HS code used by the South Korean import declaration is provided in the transaction order. 2. Each bill of lading data has a detailed description of the goods and the language used is English. 3. The import data provides detailed local buyer information, company name and detailed contact information, including CEO, phone, email, address and other information. 4. Due to the restrictions of local customs policies in Korea, there are fewer fields for data disclosure, and the amount of information available for us to check is small.

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