Market Status And Opportunities Of Foreign Trade Companies

Now the order is more and more difficult to pick up, foreign prices are getting lower and lower, and even some factory suppliers feel that foreign trade companies are to inquire everywhere, and constantly press prices, unwilling to cooperate with foreign trade companies. You will find that the living space of foreign trade companies is compressed a lot, and the road they can take becomes more and more narrow. So where are the market opportunities for foreign trade companies? How do you do that? The market situation of foreign trade companies Now many regions of foreign trade companies are taking the "old road" a few years ago, relying on the B2B platform to passively go to obtain inquiries. If it is in the golden age of the B2B platform, you will have good products and prices, be able to often receive some good quality inquiries, and rely on these platforms to get many customers, but this golden era has passed. Today, the effect of the B2B platform has become less and less ideal. Many foreign trade companies' old customers who were obtained in the previous golden era mostly. Now it is still cooperating relying on sales inertia. But you should know that your old customers are going to be consumed. Now there are a variety of ways of the foreign trade business development and information generalization, including the emergence of some social platforms, which results in the transparence of company's information. It's hard to guarantee that these old customers can be kept. Moreover, as far as foreign trade companies themselves are concerned, with more and more production-oriented factories, such as Yiwu, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other coastal cities of these factories, also joined the ranks of foreign trade. On the platform, it becomes very difficult to compete with these factories. And some customers’ loyalty is not very high and they are usually concerned with the price making choice in the lower price of several suppliers. Thus, from the price alone, the foreign trade companies can be excluded. It can be seen that foreign trade companies can be excluded from the price alone. Obviously, foreign trade companies and factories must fight for the price. But the reality is that many foreign trade companies compete with factories on the platform and fall into a price war. This is the status of foreign trade. Reasons for the limited development of foreign trade companies and market opportunities There are three main reasons for development constraints: 1.The thinking of many foreign trade companies remains at the Sales level and does not transition to marketing awareness. For example, many due to institutional reform and other reasons, from the original state-owned enterprises of foreign trade companies, jumped out of the single-handed establishment of foreign trade companies or do SOHO foreign trade people, relying on some of the previous accumulation of contacts and experience to do this foreign trade, but their thinking is still stuck at the Sales level, and did not take long-term development of the company into account. There is no sense of transition to Marketing. It is conceivable that the core competitiveness of a company with two or three foreign trade clerks is lacking. 2.Not enough to understand the market. Now a lot of foreign trade company boss who may have done business limited to a certain market or do a year or two of business work, with some old customers business order support, and they are out to start a company. However, the market is rapidly changing, always through these customers to understand the market and do business, but it is not enough. In the European and American markets, the supply chain situation of certain types of products in Europe and the United States; information on the circulation, listing, and classification of goods, as well as the competitive brands and price ranges of the products; which packaging method is used for certain types of goods for foreign markets and supermarkets and so on. A lot of this kind of market information and details you don't know very well. Foreign trade companies are supposed to know the market best. Why? The competitiveness of foreign trade companies is actually the information. For foreign trade companies, first, information is the most valuable resource, followed by the integration of multiple resources. For example, building materials customers may be more willing to find foreign trade companies to cooperate, because a variety of building materials products are too many and too miscellaneous so that the client may hope to have a foreign trade company to help him integrate the purchase. So you can see that foreign trade companies should be the most understanding of the market when compared with factories, but the current situation is that many foreign trade companies do not understand the market, just through the thinking of Sales to find customers, find ways to get inquiries, and turn into orders. 3.Not professional enough. This is actually related to your business literacy and professional literacy. Now many foreign trade company salespersons are not professional enough in the course of doing business. For example, when reporting CIF, many salesmen often fail to consider the uncertain factor of sea freight, and when they are about to ship, they communicate with the customer about the terms of sea freight. The price terms of the quotation should be stated in advance, based on what kind of sea freight level and how to bear the excess cost, etc. To do basic work well, if some of your details are not handled properly, it will inevitably have a great impact on your later communication and cooperation with customers. Firstly, foreign trade companies must be at the forefront of the market to understand the market's movements, and the second is to expand their thinking from Sale to Marketing so as to understand the market sufficiently and improve their professionalism. Only foreign trade companies can survive in the increasingly narrow competition space.

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