Marketing And Sales In The Foreign Trade Market Business

Many foreign trade friends in doing business do not know what kind of difference between marketing and sales? What does it have to do with the two? Marketing refers to the long-term goal, which requires teamwork to complete the work, and different departments are responsible for different things. For example, someone is in charge of product research and development, and someone is in charge of sales, planning and copywriting, etc. Only when different personnel join in can they do Marketing work. Through teamwork, potential consumers or customer groups are recognized about what we do and what services we offer through multiple marketing approaches. Let's say you're doing some Google Ads on a company's website in English, showing differentiated products while you're doing some Google Ads on them. Attract potential customers to browse the company's website products and spread these brand images. (Advertising is a way of marketing which is not a means of sales.) If you say that the customer browses your website and is interested in a certain type of product, and then sends the inquiry directly, or if the customer subscribes to your website email, he may not contact you by email for the first time, but he may receive the marketing email every three or five times. Naturally, your products and marketing programs will leave a certain impression on the other side's heart, and confirm that our company is specialized in doing this kind of products, and then into inquiries. At the end of the day, marketing does not take the initiative to develop some of the work, but instead to make potential customers interested so as to turn this interest into inquiry. We can say that it is a subtle behavior, that is, through a variety of marketing channels to identify potential customers, and into an effective inquiry. Sales Sale is a job that can be done alone in a short time. Let's say the company hires a foreign trade salesman, gives him a platform, where he picks up some inquiries and gets an inquiry offer, and then sends samples to the target customer, as well as confirmation, ordering, delivery, payment and a series of business processes, and one person can complete the work. The main difference between sales and marketing is that sales need to actively contact unfamiliar customers or potential customers. This contact refers to the process by which you reach out to these customers by emailing or calling, etc., which is an active development act, and you are actively looking for these potential customers, and then you want to get an inquiry from them and then find a way to turn the inquiry into an order. This is a completely different story from marketing. In general, marketing is actually for sales services, it is to generate more inquiries, and sales are to turn inquiries into orders, their goals are different. Through marketing we can achieve rapid expansion. If your company only has a Sale, but no Marketing team, only a few sales staff to develop this way, if the development of a poor grasp of the method, the speed of customer development will be relatively slow, then the business volume will be small. So Marketing and Sale must go hand in hand.

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