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Basic profile about Mexico Mexico is a free market economy located in North America, and belongs to the North American Free Trade Area with the United States. Mexico's main products imported from China are mechanical and electrical products. Chinese products are also very competitive in the import market of furniture, toys, textiles and electronics. China is Mexico's second largest source of imports and third largest export destination. Among them, China is the second largest import source country after the United States in the import market of metal products, optical medical equipment, and plastics and rubber. Mexico's main export commodities are manufactured products, petroleum products, clothing, agricultural products, etc. The main export trading countries are the United States, Canada, and China. The Mexico Customs data of foreign trade states is derived from the local bill of lading data of the local customs official. The import and export data is large and complete. It provides online query and is updated every month. Mexico data description Mexican customs data is a record of every shipping transaction between Mexico and all trading companies worldwide, including import data and export data. Mexico's data on Foreign Trade States has been updated since 2012, and up to now has provided a volume of 51.45 million original B / Ls, including 49661 buyers and 27187 suppliers. Customs data for Mexico is updated monthly. (The latest update time, see the data update table) import data export data 1. Each transaction bill of lading data provides a detailed description of the goods and products in Spanish. 2. Provided the 8-digit HS code used in local customs declaration in Mexico. 3. The data contains detailed company information for both parties, including company name, address, code, etc. 4. Each order has detailed cargo quantity, transaction price and exchange rate information, among which the transaction currency is divided into USD and MXP. 5. The bill of lading data shows detailed shipping information such as country of origin, customs area, port, and continent.

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