Never Thought It Would Be So Easy To Find Customer’s Contact Information

I believe that now more distressed problem of foreign trade friends is, in addition to the development of their own products match the new customers, to find the customer’s contact information. Of course, this is also the time when our Foreign Trade State in the provision of customs data service, and user always has doubts. The contact information attached to customs data First of all, many users who are new to the customs data pay more attention to the authenticity of the data and whether the customer has contact information. And they used to ask our customer service staff and to inquire why some buyers do not have contact information? Some contact information that is not key position’s? Our contact information is based on the original customs data provided by the customs officials of 30 first-line trading countries, which are all real. But there are some drawbacks to the contact: First, there is no requirement to fill in the contact information such as email and phone number when filling in the customs declaration form. In order to protect personal privacy and company information, some company customs officers only leave the contact phone number used in customs clearance and in taking delivery. So part of the contact information in the customs data is missing. Second, it is not possible to track the contact's position directly. It is a normal phenomenon that the contact information is not accurate due to changes in contact information and cannot match key people. Due to the incomplete nature of the contact information, we also take the contact information as a customs data, provide user access and reference, and do not set the country, bar number and other restrictions. Diamond users can consult the database of all companies contact information. How to supplement your contact details So what about this missing contact? Some friends said that they could use Google search engine to find it by themselves. Yes, it is possible. Use Google’s common search instructions for company emails, for example: @ + company official website suffix: ""; Product keywords + universal email suffix: toy; Country local mailbox suffix: Mexico We can view and collect mailboxes one by one in the index and indexed pages of Google. However, I believe that many foreign trade friends have a deep understanding, so there are several obvious problems in this search. If there are 50,000 pages of search instructions in Google, you can check the collection one by one, the time and labor costs are very high, and it takes time and effort. When searching manually, unavoidable errors will occur, and the search results cannot be guaranteed to be complete. In addition, you need to search through the proxy . Contact information of social media search In order to solve the incompleteness of the contact information that comes with the customs data, and the efficiency and cost of the user's own search. Foreign trade state and partners jointly launched a useful mailbox collection tool-social media search. Not only the Google search engine, but also introduced commercial channel interfaces such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Users can search the customer contact information of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels automatically through the company name and domain name of the target company without going through the wall to obtain information such as key person mailboxes, positions and social accounts. The collection channels of social media search are all from the official authorized channels of Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. The collected customer emails are 100% contactable and can be activated.

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