Nicaraguan Customs Data

Basic profile of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Central America. The main exports of coffee, meat, gold, dairy products, sugar, peanuts, etc., the main export target countries are the United States, China, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela and so on.Import raw materials, consumer goods, oil, fuel, lubricating oil, etc., the main source of import countries are the United States, Mexico, costa rica and venezuela. Among them, China has become Nicaragua's second largest export market after the United States. The main products are mineral products, leather, cowhide, paper consumables,coffee and so on.

Nicaraguan customs data of foreign trade state comes from the original bill of lading data of local customs official hand, provide online inquiry.

Nicaragua data description

Nicaragua import and export bill of lading data for the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2015, with 26,590 original bill of lading transactions available online, including 2,479 buyers and 431 suppliers. Import and export data have been discontinued due to the provisions of the local customs policy of Nicaragua, and the local customs historical data are now retained online, with the date remaining on 1 December 2015.

Import data

export data

1.For each order transaction, there is a detailed description of the goods. And the language is Spanish.

2.Provide the company information for both sides, including the company name and address.

3.Provide the information of the notifying person, that is, the goods arrived in Hong Kong, notify the importer of the goods for customs declaration of the bill of lading procedures of the party, including the name of the company and address.

4.Show the weight of the goods traded, quantity and container number and other packaging information.

5.Provide detailed port shipment information such as the country of origin, the country of destination, the port of origin, the port of departure, the port of discharge, etc.

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