Order Problem Of Google Search Product Key Words

When we use Google to search for customers, if we enter more product keyword strings, we will find that the results of the search have a disorder of keyword ranking. In other words, search according to our original keyword word order, and the results of the searched pages are inconsistent with the results we imagined. For example, search for product keywords LED lights in Google engine. Generally speaking, the Google Web server will send the search conditions containing both the LED and lights strings to the index server to find whether there is a matching index word. And in the index word dictionary to find whether there are synonyms, such as lighting and light. After entering LED lights, we can see that the search results page contains keywords such as LED lights and LED lighting. If the entered keyword is two words or character strings, the search result may include the search keyword, its synonyms, and singular words. You can see that in the search results, the two strings are combined according to the word order we entered. Word order like Lights first, LED behind, or two strings appearing separately are relatively rare. The keyword LED Lights is a popular search term. The frequency of user searches is relatively high. You can see that in the search results, the title, introduction, and text contain LED Lights ranked first. So what are the search results for keywords containing three strings? Let's add festive in the rear of the LED, LED festive light refers to holiday. The search results found that the three words in the keywords appeared new keywords, and different word order, as shown in the screenshot above: LED Festive Party Lights, Festive Lights, LED Christmas Light. Compared with the search matching content of the previous two words, after adding the third string, we can clearly see that the two words LED light are separated in the title and introduction body, indicating that the addition of keywords will affect the content and ranking of search results to some extent. As another example, let's add a fourth word: outdoor, and look at the search results. It can be seen that when we search, the keywords used and the word order expressed are not very accurate. You can see that the index words used by more foreigners are Outdoor LED Christmas Lights and Outdoor Christmas Lights. This expression has a higher index volume. The high index volume refers to the fact that the server establishes this keyword index and includes more times, indicating that many English websites or webpages use this word order expression, which is more in line with the search habits of foreigners. At this time, we will make corresponding adjustments and updates to our search product keywords. One thing to note here is that when we choose more search keywords, the search results may be more diverse. For example, the search is for paper crafts: Paper crafts art, and it is found that the search results match paper crafts, but also include crafts of other materials. There are other completely different keywords in the results of the searched web pages, which no longer completely match their own products, and the relevance and accuracy of the search are reduced. In this case, we can use Google's advanced search capabilities to help us match exactly. In the Settings, enable the advanced search function and enter the keywords we want to search, such as Paper crafts art. You can see that the search results exactly match the keywords we entered. In fact, the Google search engine combines the input string with quotation marks to form a whole keyword and force the match. Regardless of whether the product name you search contains three words or four words, through Google's advanced search function, you can accurately match the web results. If there are a small number of search results, it may be that there is a problem with the word order of the input keywords, and we need to re-sort the keyword strings to generate new keywords.

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