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Basic profile of Panama Panama is located in the southernmost part of Central America. The main export products are bananas, shrimps, sucrose, fish meal, etc. The main export targets are the United States, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and China. The main imports are petroleum products, automobiles, mechanical and electrical products, pharmaceuticals and other products. The imports are mainly from the United States, the Cologne Free Trade Zone and China,etc. Among Panamanian import partners, China is Panama's second largest importer, mainly exporting light industry and textiles, fuel oil, rubber and plastic shoes, computers and communications products to Panama. The Panama customs data of the foreign trade state is derived from the local customs official hand-held and customs data, which provides online inquiry and is updated once a month. Panama data description Panama Customs data details every shipping transaction record for the country, region and all trading companies worldwide, including import data and export data. The Panama Customs data of foreign trade states has been updated since 2007, and since then, it has provided 20.76 million import and export transaction records, including 26895 buyers and 19162 suppliers. Customs data for Panama is updated monthly. (The latest update time, see data update table) import data export data 1. Each bill of lading transaction record has an 8-digit HS code used in the local customs declaration in Panama. 2. Provide a detailed description of the goods. The language used is Spanish. 3. Both import and export data provide company information collected by both parties, including company name and serial number code. 4. The import and export data provides the volume and price information of the transactions between the two parties, including the quantity and weight of the goods, and the FOB and CIF amounts of the transactions. The transaction currency is US dollars (USD). In addition, it also includes tax information such as freight, value added tax, insurance premiums. 5. Provide detailed shipping information, including country of origin, country of destination, customs area, mode of transportation, etc.

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