Peru Customs Data

Basic profile of Peru

Peru is located in the western part of South America and has a free trade policy, mainly exporting mineral products and petroleum, agricultural products, textiles, fish products, etc. The main trading partners are China, the United States, Brazil, Canada and so on. Among them, China is Peru's largest trading partner and largest export market.

Peru's main imports from China are mechanical and electrical products, base metals and products and textiles and raw materials, of which textiles and raw materials, furniture toys and shoes and umbrellas and other light industrial products ranked third, seventh and eighth in Peru's import category of goods, in which the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Chile are China's main competitors.

The Peruvian customs data of the foreign trade state comes from the first-hand bill of lading data of the local customs, and the import and export data information is large and complete providing online inquiries and the data updates once a month.

Peru Data Description

The Peruvian customs data are every maritime transaction between the Peruvian region and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. Peru's customs data from the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2007 and has so far provided 110 million import and export data transactions, including 81,737 buyers and 24,498 suppliers. Customs data in Peru are updated once a month. (Latest update, see data update table)

import data

export data

1.Each bill of lading transaction has a 10-bit HS code for local customs clearance in Peru, with a detailed description of the HS code.

2.A detailed description of the goods is provided in the trading order in Spanish. The import data also provides selling year, attribute model and other product information.

3.Import and export data provide detailed company information about local suppliers in Peru, including company names, telephone calls, faxes, addresses, etc.

4.Import and export data provide both transaction price FOB amount and CIF amount, and the transaction currency is USD. Export data provides the transaction price FOB unit price and the FOB amount (USD).

5. Different from the data of other first-line trading countries, the transaction records of import bills of lading of Peru also include the information of freight, insurance, tax, anti-dumping charges and other taxes for each transaction.

6.Provid detailed freight information, including the country of origin, customs, transportation companies, warehouses, as well as port of shipment, port of destination, customs agents and other port information.

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