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Basic profile about the Philippines Philippine Customs is a multi-ethnic archipelago country in Southeast Asia, the main imports of electronic products, minerals, transportation and industrial equipment, the main export products are electronic products, clothing and related products, electrolytic copper, etc., China, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong are Philippines' top five trading partners. China is the Philippines' largest trading partner, the largest source of imports and the third largest export destination. In recent years, the Philippines has actively developed foreign trade, promoting the diversification of export commodities and the diversification of foreign trade markets, such as clothing, electronic products, handicrafts, furniture and other exports of exports, has caught up with the export of minerals, raw materials and other traditional commodities. Philippine customs data from the Foreign Trade State are derived from the original bill of lading data of the local customs authorities and are available for online inquiries. Philippine Data Description Philippine customs data is every maritime transaction between the Philippines and all trading companies worldwide, including import and export data. The Philippine data for the Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2016, providing 5.15 million original bill of lading data online, including 22,548 buyers and 9,198 suppliers. Customs data in the Philippines remains in place on February 1, 2019 due to local customs policy provisions in the Philippines. import data export data 1.Each order has 10 HS code the local customs declaration have used. 2.Provide a detailed description of the goods, the language is English. 3.Due to local customs policy, the content of the open field is restrictive,the import data only contains the buyer information not showing the cooperative supplier information; 4. Import data provides the volume of goods traded price information, including the transaction terms CIF, FOB price, the transaction currency is the United States dollar (USD), but also provides insurance, freight and other cost information. 5.Export data only provides FOB price, quantity, and weight information.

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