Search Keywords In Foreign Trade And Their Classification Methods

In the use of Google search, keywords can be said to be a very important link. Whether the keywords are accurate or not, whether or not to use properly, to a certain extent, determines our search results and the use of the effect.

In life, we can see the existence of various keywords everywhere, such as, in the library's index system, through the keywords to retrieve the relevant books, in the literature report, through academic keywords to retrieve the word-related topic content ... And in search engines, keywords are also a word? What are the categories?


In search engines, keywords refer to the string information when user is in the search for relevant content. Note here that the essence of the keyword is a string, do not define it by default as an English word or word. In fact, the user enters a keyword, which is equivalent to making a request to a search engine. Search engines respond to information with the keywords given by the user, and quickly output the request results. In this process, keywords are the equivalent of the bridge of interaction, retrieval, transmission between user and search engine information.

Similarly, in foreign trade, we will also frequently use Google search engine, enter some keywords to retrieve and obtain the corresponding company, products and market information.Here's a simple foreign trade process to analyze:

First, the exporter USES keywords on Google to find some matching potential customers, and in the process of searching, he constantly adjusts his keywords to find his target customer groups. Then through the development of letters, telephone and other communication methods, and the target customers to establish contact and trust relations. After further negotiation and communication, complete a series of operations including product proofing and sample confirmation, and finally complete the order.

We can see that from the huge disorder of network information, keywords are very important for filtering out accurate and useful information. On the one hand, such as some market, company, certification and other information, can be obtained through some combination of keywords, on the other hand, if some keywords use effect is not ideal, you can also through some related, synonymous or extension of keywords to re-retrieve, to obtain a new batch of keywords. There are keywords that help us to filter out the right, matching customers from a large number of potential customers.

Keyword classification method

It also said that the keyword is a string, so what are the specific categories of keywords? First, it is classified according to the heat of the keyword. The heat of keywords is actually reflected in the user's search frequency, which is the amount of search we often talk about. Among them, according to the heat, divided into the following three different types, the search volume of keywords are popular keywords, such as, importers, exhibitions, B2B, etc., search volume of general keywords, such as, German exhibition, etc., search volume is small, but the user search purpose of strong keywords are cold keywords, such as, Registration for the Munich photoelectricity fair, Frankfurt optical exhibition process and so on.

Secondly, according to the length of keywords to classify. A keyword can be a phrase, a word group, or a sentence. Keywords consisting of 4 or less words are short-tailed keywords, such as electronic devices. The key words consisting of 4 or more words are long-tailed keywords, such as hand-made pottery crafts.

Thirdly, according to the importance of keywords to classify. Keywords can be divided into core keywords and secondary keywords, such as, hand-made pottery crafts and pottery, handicrafts are the core keywords, hand-made is the secondary keywords.

The fourth is the pan-key word. Pan-keyword refers to huge volume of the term coverage, coverage content and search volume, such as, clothing, machinery and so on.

The fifth is synonymous keywords, such as: search site promotion, then network promotion, network marketing and other translation of words close to, are synonymous keywords.

The sixth is the related keywords, these words have a common, although the meaning of words may be different, but their role is similar. For example: search engine optimization, then web design, web page optimization and other related vocabulary, are its related keywords.

In short, there are many kinds of keyword classification, such as short words, brand keywords and so on. In the use of keyword search, in addition to directly take product words, company name to search, we can also try to use some hot search, related keywords to search, constantly adjust until find the right keywords, search to find the right, high lying customer.

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